Computer woes…

Our main computer in the house has bit the dust!  We don’t know what has happened but we figure that it has something to do with all the crap that the kids say “yes” to when they are playing on it.

So, I am stuck with the old, tired computer upstairs that takes forever to do anything, for the time being.  My posts may be few and far between during the week.

I will be participating in Carla’s new challenges for the month of February.  I will be back on the weekend for sure to post about what ours is going to look like!

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, a look at what 2011 would look like from the perspective of a 1911 newspaper article…it’s pretty cool (thanks to a friend on FB for posting it to their profile!).

What 2011 Will Be Like


2 responses to “Computer woes…

  1. Kids sites sure do mess up a computer don’t they?! My new laptop has next to nothing on it & I like it that way!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your goals for next month!!

  2. What an interesting read that article was! Some ideas hit the nail right on the head, while others seemed quite funny. Thanks for sharing it.

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