Saturday Evening Post

Happy Saturday!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their day. 

Saturdays are usually rather busy, but today we didn’t have half as much running around to do, but it was a rather spendy day.  Groceries were on the list and we were out of a lot of stuff.  In the last 3 weeks since the challenge, we have used up all the meat in the freezer and a lot of the pantry fodder.  Here’s the spending for yesterday and today:

January 20

  • $16.00 ~ bowling and 50/50 draw (I didn’t win this time, but 50% of the funds raised goes to the league for the end of the year party, etc.)
  • $9.95 ~ Dollarama (for bread, which is a decent sized loaf for only $1.00 and doggie bags and a chocolate treat for Amy)

January 21

  • $91.38 ~ Walmart **see below
  • $172.88 ~ Food Basics

**We had to get filters for the furnace which were $4 each.  Then Amy and I passed by the shoe section and we saw a deal that we absolutely could not resist.  They had all their winter boots for kids marked down to $9.00 from $39.00.  We discovered last week that Andrew’s hand-me-down boots leaked.  His ERF (educational resource facilitator) got him a pair from her church’s “Clothing Loft”, but they are too small (did I mention that we totally LOVE Andrew’s ERF, she does things like this all the time???).  Mrs. S. was going to look this weekend for a bigger size, but we picked up the size 13’s.  If she finds them we’ll use the used ones, and then put these ones away for Aaron for next year.  We also got a larger size for Charlotte for next year.   Boots are expensive, and when you can get pairs for NINE DOLLARS, brand new, you pick them up, LOL.  We also needed coffee and pull-ups, which brought our total even higher than we wanted.  Coffee is a NEED here, not a want, lol.

We have been able to save more for the car.  Shane had overtime, we got our child tax credit money and now the fund sits at $1600.00.  We’re doing pretty well, I think.  We’ve also decided that we’re going to do this No/Low Spend challenge all through February too!

I have been very busy making things with needles and yarn.  I am really having fun knitting and crocheting again.  Here’s what I have made so far:

Baby Sweater (finished up last week ~ I started it a year ago)

Hat (it’s a men’s hat, so I added a flower for show…I just need one for warmth!)

Charley modeled it for me, lol



All the kids are asking for mittens and slippers!  It’s really cool to see them so excited.  I am making Aaron a pair of multi-coloured mittens right now.  Andrew has put in an order for black ones and I have some camoflague wool to make a pair for Allen.  Austan doesn’t want mittens (Santa brought him Canada olympic mittens in his sock), so he’s asked for a pair of slippers in camo.  I think I am going to use single crochet instead of double so they don’t look so girly.

This is what I want to make next, but in a black shimmer.  I haven’t been able to find the yarn I need for it yet.  Michaels and Wal-mart didn’t have it, so I might have to order it from a website.

isn't it pretty???


I am going back to my knitting!  Tomorrow all the boys might be going to see the Monster Jam with Shane and his friend.  I am going to spend the day baking and trying to use up all the candied cherries, peel and dates that we have in the cupboard.

Have a great evening, everyone!


9 responses to “Saturday Evening Post

  1. Have you tried the shop in Streetsville? A friend highly recommends it.

  2. Firstly, coffee is a NEED, whoever told you differently, LIED. 😉 Second, killer deal on theboots!! Wow! I’d have grabbed them too!! Thats awesome that youre carrying the challenge over to February! Im debating on what to do next month, but would love to save a big chunk of change again!! 🙂 Love all your knitted items & the scarf is gorgeous! Please keep showing off your creations! I love them!

  3. Love the sweater. I am going to have to try this pattern so much easier than trying to button up a sweater on a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. You are one talented knitter! Love all that you’ve made 🙂

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