Where are you???

See this is what happens when I go back to work.  I don’t get to blog as often as I want to.  I missed Sunday Night Chit-Chat with Carla and the gang…I missed Menu Plan Monday yesterday…le SIGH.

I haven’t been great on my goals for the Low/No Spend Challenge.  I didn’t write everything that we spent this weekend!! I know approximately how much we spent and where, and how much we have left.  So here’s the approximate amounts:

Saturday, January 14

  • Freshco ~ $21.50
  • Food Basics ~ 112.50
  • Shoppers Drug Mart ~ $40
  • Fortinos ~ $40.00

Sunday January 15th

  • OHL game ~ $10.00 for snacks
  • Michaels ~ $40.00 (will talk about that in a bit)
  • Food Basics ~ $26.00 for stuff we missed the day before, LOL

Monday January 16

  • No Spend Day!

Tuesday January 17

  • Gas ~ $40.00

So we have $70.00 left until Thursday when we top up our jars.

I have also started knitting again!  I finished 2 projects;  a girl’s sweater and a scarf for Amy (pictures to come later).   Amy asked me if I could teach her, so we went to Michaels as they were having a sale on wool.  So now we are both going to start another hobby!  I started off making a pair of mittens for our Meri out of the wool that was left over from the sweater:

Aren't they cute???

I am making an identical pair for Charley, and then I am going to try my hand at crocheting some slippers.  Knitting mittens makes me miss my Grandma a bit.  She was always making mittens (among other projects).  I miss my Grandma mitts!!

That’s about it for now…hopefully I will find the time to post a bit more!


4 responses to “Where are you???

  1. Oh those mittens are very nice! My mom knits a lot… I know how to also, but I should ask her to show me her best tips before it’s too late.

  2. I love the mittens! I can never get the thumbs just right and it drives me crazy

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