Friday the 13th…

Do you suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia?  Apparently that’s the name for the fear of Friday the thirteenth.  I have never been a big believer in it being a bad luck day, or that 13 is an unlucky number.  Although I do remember one year my mother was freaking out because we were going to have 13 people sit down for dinner on Good Friday.  She was so nervous about it,  so she set an extra place setting!!  Are you superstitious at all?  Do tell!!

Since I haven’t been around much this week, I have a few days to catch up on with the Low/No Spend Challenge.  Here’s how the week shaped up:

Tuesday, Jan 10th:

  • $20.00 ~ Gas
  • $6.00 ~ Andrew’s school presentation

Wednesday Jan 11

  • $11.68 ~
  • $6.82 ~sealed pot
  • $10.00 ~ to savings **we saved $110.00 out of our variable spending for the car

Thursday Jan 12

  • replenished jars with $400.00 variable spending
  • $50.00 ~ gas (we were supposed to get a bad storm, so I wanted to make sure I had close to a full tank, turned out, our town got NOTHING in the way of snow)

Friday Jan 13

  • $17.71 ~ received this money for an Avon order that I already paid for out of my own money
  • $14.00 ~ for bowling (paid for out of Avon money)
  • $2.40 ~ diet coke at bowling (paid for out of Avon money)
  • $2.00 ~ 50/50 tickets (found a toonie and I felt lucky)
  • 18.75 ~ I WON THE 50/50!!  LOL.

I am putting $15.00 back into the variable spending (because my bowling money usually comes out of it) and I am putting the rest of my change into the sealed pot.  So we have $365.00 left  in our variable spending for the week.  I know I probably shouldn’t have had the pop, or bought the 50/50 tickets, but I caved, I’m human, LOL.  I had a fairly good night bowling too…over my average every game. 

Tomorrow Amy and I are off to scrapbook for the day.  We haven’t scrapped since the beginning of November when we went to Cornwall for the weekend.  My boys are going to their dad’s place for the night.  Allen won some tickets to go see an OHL game on Sunday afternoon, so I am going to take him.  Should be a fun weekend!  Have a great one everyone!!


4 responses to “Friday the 13th…

  1. You did great!! A pop is hardly a deal-breaker! lol! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • No, it’s not a deal breaker, but I was doing so well without extras!! LOL. But at least I won the $$ back right? Funnily enough, just before they drew my number I said “who am I kidding, I am not going to win”

  2. Is the OHL game in Brampton or Mississauga? I need to get back into OHL hockey, it’s excellent quality and it’s not expensive at all.

  3. I’m pretty superstitious. Mostly about Chinese superstitions though than western ones. But I do detest Friday the 13th. Something always bad happens to me. Case in point: Yesterday, I brought a new nail polish to work to show my c0-worker. I put it on ONE thumb just to demonstrate the colour. Walked away 2-5 min later to print something and to staple it for the boss. The stapler is weird and has a longer handle. I ended up banging the nail on my thumb. My natural reaction to pain was to suck on it. Yes, I ate nail polish on Friday the 13th. >_<

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