The one where I go back to work…

I had 10 glorious days off and today I had to go back to work…BOOOO!!!  You know, no matter how relaxed you get on your vacation, 5 minutes back at work and you are stressed to the max…LOL.  What also started back up again was all our extra-curriculars.  Swimming Tuesday, Beavers Wednesday, Scouts Thursday and I am chief chauffeur.

Needless to say, I probably won’t get to blogging every day anymore.  I am going to try, but it might prove difficult.

Day 10 Update ~ Can you believe that we’re 10 days into Carla’s Low/No Spend Challenge?  That’s 1/3 of the way, baby!! My spending today was $20.00 in my gas tank which should last until Thursday when I replenish my jars.

That’s about it for now.  Tonight I am going to curl up with my knitting.  I had been making a scarf for Amy and I stopped making it (I get bored easy), so I picked it up yesterday, determined to finish it by the weekend.


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