Day 6 & 7 No/Low Spend Recap

Happy Saturday, everyone!

We’ve spent the morning today running around.  Charley has dance class at 9 am and then, as usual we go out and do all our grocery shopping and other errands.  This afternoon, we are going to go and pick up our boys who have been at their friends house since Wednesday!  They were having so much fun that they didn’t want to come home, lol.  I am also making the “Fartless Chili Makins” that we had sitting in the cupboard.  Chili is one of my favourite comfort foods.  Shane received this Chili mix from his boss:

Here’s the breakdown of what we have spent the last 2 days:


  • bowling ~ $14.00 – I bowl in a weekly league and this is my lineage fee.  I was very proud of myself, took my big bottle of water so I didn’t buy a bottle of pop (which is a pricey $2.40), and I didn’t buy any 50/50 tickets.  The lure of possibly winning $20.00 isn’t enough to spend $1 a ticket for me!


  • Gas ~ $40.00 –  I might need to put another $20 into the car before we top this up again on Thursday.
  • Walmart ~ $41.53
  • Food Basics ~ $115.51 less $100.00 gift card (thanks to the parents, Merry Christmas!) = $15.51
  • Shoppers Drug Mart ~ $19.53 ~ prescription and children’s tylenol because we were out
  • Chapters ~ $1.05 ~ we had some $5 gift cards from Swiss Chalet that had to be used up before tomorrow.  So we went and got Andrew 2 books for his upcoming birthday (out of other)
  • Sealed Pot ~ $2.13 change that was in my purse
  • $0.25 for the quarter to leave in the van for shopping carts!

Total spent for today and yesterday is $134.00.  From out $400.00 variable we now have $226.00 left.

We will be giving $40.00 to our friend who has put up with our 2 11-year-olds for the last 72 hours.  They always go over there for sleepovers, and they’ve been there 5 nights in the last 2 weeks.  Our boys are probably eating her out of house and home!!  So that leaves $186.00 left until Thursday.  I am hoping to put $140.00 towards our van repair.  So far, with Christmas money and extra money from Shane’s pay, we have $1300.00 saved towards the repair…the $140.00 will bring us up to $1440.00.  Still a long way to go to $3300.00!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 responses to “Day 6 & 7 No/Low Spend Recap

  1. Looks like you did pretty good! That’s nice of your friends to take your kids for so many sleepovers! 🙂 $100 GiftCard for Xmas is awesome!! Good luck next week!

    • Yes, it is nice of her and she tried to give the $$ back, lol. They always go to her place because her son is on the autism spectrum and it’s easier if he’s on his own turf (we sooo get that). She’ll often order pizza or bring in McDonald’s for them, so I thought it would be nice to give her some money for our children’s upkeep! LOL! Good luck to you too!

  2. I have to laugh at myself. For weeks I have been looking where to leave a comment and just saw the little bubble on the side.

    What a great friend…and what a great Christmas gift from your parents.

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