Errand Day!

Plus a Day 4 and 5 spending recap.

This morning I needed the car, so I drove Shane into work.  Then I had to drive out to the hospital where we got Andrew’s x-ray’s done last year (we need the x-rays for the specialist on Monday).  After that I had to go to both banks, get gasoline for my car and then go to the grocery store for a few items for dinner.   Having the car means I have to go and get Shane from work later tonight. 

We had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad, day yesterday.  A funeral, then a really bad headache from Amy, then news that the car repair is going to cost $3,300.00!!! YIKES!!!  Then, the kids, after having made disaster area’s out of their bedrooms for the 3rd or 4th time since Christmas, got their toys confiscated!!  I had absolutely had it with the lack of respect that they’ve shown all their new things, so Amy and I went into their rooms armed with a green garbage bag.  ALL the toys that were on the floor went into the bags.  They will earn them back slowly when they show us that they can treat their ‘stuff’ with respect.  Drastic?  Perhaps, but hopefully the tactic will work.

The only good thing was that Day 4 was a NO SPEND DAY!!  Yay!  Not so for today, tomorrow, and Saturday.  I replenished the jars for this week:

  • $250.00 for groceries
  • $100.00 for gas
  • $50.00 for “other” expenses

Today in my travels I spent:

  • $30.00 on gas ($70.00 remaining)
  • $9.56 groceries
  • $0.44 in sealed pot ($240.00 remaining in grocery budget)

You can find my daily log of spending here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day…back tomorrow!


12 responses to “Errand Day!

  1. I have done the same thing with my older kids also. Nothing snaps a teenager back into place like not having any clothes, shoes or a phone

  2. I don’t find that drastic. As a parent. it’s your job to teach them to have respect for things you know? I think you are doing a wonderful job friend! We need more parents like you. 🙂

  3. Maybe the headache was a sign of the upcoming car repair bill! OUCH! 😦 Kids are fun aren’t they?! 😉

  4. Hugs. We’ve had those days at our house, & I know they are hard. We’ve definitely taken toys away before & made the kids earn them back. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  5. Good for you for taking the toys! Too many parents treat their kids as buddies and don’t discipline them at all so this should teach them.

    That sucks big time about the car.

    • I have always said, I am their parent first and foremost…I am here to make sure that they become productive members of society, not to be their friend. I can be a soft touch sometimes though, thank goodness I have Amy and Shane to back me up!

  6. Hopefully, the weekend will be more restful for you… At home. With no spending either! 🙂

    Shame about the car though. EEK! What was wrong? Did you get a rebuilt engine or something? That’s mighty high price….

    • It was the transmission and when it’s the tranny, it’s always expensive. If it were my car, I would be shopping for a new vehicle (because my car is a 2001 and not worth 3grand), but the van is still worth about 8 grand, so it’s better to do it.

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