Day 3 Low/No Spend Recap

Yesterday was a spendy day!

Shane borrowed his bosses’ truck while he was away in some sunny destination, so we had to replace the gas we used.  We also had to put gas in my car and we ran out of milk.   Spending was as follows:

  • Gas for truck:  $50.00
  • Gas for car: $20.00
  • Milk: 2 4-litre bags ~ $8.78  (we always purchase 2 bags at a time or else we’ll be at the store every single day)

We have exactly $1.22 left in our variable spending until Shane gets paid tomorrow.  Then we replenish our jars with our $400.00 variable spending budget.  That’s okay since today should be a no spend day anyway.

Thankfully, we’re going to use all the stuff in our pantry and freezer, so this week the grocery bill should be quite minimal.  We have a $100.00 gift card for Food Basics that we got as a Christmas gift.  I am hoping that we don’t have to spend much over that to top up our menu for next week.  Any extra leftover from our $225 budget for groceries will go into the fund for the car repair. 

Today will be spent being P.I.C (parent in charge) for the morning while Amy, Shane and Austan attend a funeral.  This afternoon, the big boys will be going to their friend’s place for a sleepover.  Amy and I plan to take down our tree and put away all the Christmas decorations. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day.


2 responses to “Day 3 Low/No Spend Recap

  1. So far, so good!! 🙂 I need to take the Christmas decorations too! Ugh!!

  2. Doing great so far! I made my own protein smoothie at home today, saving myself $1.15 at the gym. It wasn’t quite as good (haven’t mastered the water/ice ratio yet), but I survived. 😉

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