Enjoying my time off…

I am off for an entire week!  It’s nice not to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and get ready to go out in the cold.  I have been lazing in my pj’s.  Yesterday I made a big pot of split pea soup with ham.  We had a ham bone in the freezer and I have been promising Shane that I would make him some pea soup.  I was able to get eight servings (1 -2 cups each) for our lunches.  I am notorious for either not feeling like I want to make my lunch, so I buy it, or forgetting my lunch on the kitchen counter.  This weeks shopping trip will see me buying a couple of cans of soup and possibly a couple of Lean Cuisines to store at work.

We’ve been watching Season 5 of:

We LOVE Dexter, but when we moved we cancelled our subscription to the Movie Network, so we don’t get to see the show weekly.  It’s resulted in us being 2 seasons behind.  It’s a phenomenal show, exceptional writing with tons of twists and turns.  It’s a little disconcerting though, you end up routing for the serial killer!!

Day 2 of the No/Low Spend Challenge was a No Spend day!!!  YAY!!   Today we’ll not get off so easily.  Shane’s been borrowing his bosses’ truck while he was away on vacation, so we have to spend $50.00 to replace the gas we used.  I think I will also have to put some gas in mine (haven’t driven it in a few days, so I can’t remember).  I have to go pick up Shane from work this evening, and we have to go out to a funeral visitation, so I have a bit of driving to do.  I will end up putting about $25 in, which should last until we top up the jars again on Thursday.

That’s it for today…going to go and snuggle up in bed with “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”.


4 responses to “Enjoying my time off…

  1. Enjoy your time off! Especially today! Sooo much snow!! I’ve never seen Dexter but heard it was good… It’s too disturbing for me.. l I hate stuff like that, I’d never sleep again!

    • We got rain, not snow, unfortunately 😦 And it’s soooo cold, -27C with the windchill…brrrr!!

      I agree, some of it is really disturbing, I had nightmares at the end of season 4, but I can’t get enough, lol

  2. I got up bright and early, got ready for work. Went in the -25 wind chill to start the car so I didn’t turn into an icicle on the way to work. Got to work and was asked “Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation still today?” UGH! I was. Luckily I just got to go home though. 🙂

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