Lazy Day…

Hope everyone had the New Years they wanted to have.  Ours was a blast.  The littles played Monopoly Jr. and there was not one meltdown or outburst.  Andrew took losing really well and we were really proud of him.  After they went to bed, the big boys played Monopoly with the grups.  Allen kicked our butts…future real estate tycoon.

Today I am being lazy.  Amy and Shane took their 3 to see Amy’s Nana for a while.  My niece and nephew, their spouses and kids are going to stop by for a visit later this afternoon. 

We’re having an easy dinner of perogies and back bacon, and coleslaw.  We went shopping yesterday like we do every Saturday, so we’re fully stocked and shouldn’t need anything until pay-day on Thursday when we top up our jars.   Today will be a no-spend day and hopefully tomorrow too!!  We will most likely need gas on Tuesday.

Oh, on a fun note, here’s a picture of my sealed pot:

I have a piggy bank on my desk at work.  It’s been getting fairly full, so I brought it home on Friday and decided to add it to my sealed pot.  I picked up the pot and it’s starting to get fairly heavy!  I think that I am going to have to purchase or make another one (this one was $1.25 at Dollarama) real soon.  I wonder how much is in there???  Eleven months and 2 days until we find out!  I am hoping that we’ll have enough in it to purchase a new camera for Amy.

Hope everyone has a great day.  I will be back with Menu Plan Monday tomorrow.


8 responses to “Lazy Day…

  1. Love the sealed pot!!

  2. Me too! All our littles have piggy banks like that, and they can’t get into them unless we take a can opener to them. I thought it was perfect for the challenge, so I went out and got one for me! I am going to need a new one soon!

  3. Sounds like it was a great night! 🙂 Love your sealed pot! Super cute!!! Love that you can’t open it without a can opener too! Awesome!

  4. Lovely piggy bank!

    I’m glad it went so well last night, after your boys’ disappointment… Do you think family game night will become a regular “event” ?

    • We are certainly going to try! The boys go to dads place every 2 weeks (when he doesn’t cancel), so it’s sometimes difficult to plan a game night, but we are shooting for at least once a month. It’s a very cheap night in! LOL.

  5. That pot is TOO cute!! Now I want one too!

  6. I just picked up one of those the other day! I got the Cars movie one. 🙂 They are great!

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