So, how was your Christmas??

Ours was fabulous!  We had a really great day.  We woke up to find that Santa had snuck in and left some goodies in our socks!

We had some breakfast and then the carnage in the living room began.  The kids opened up their socks and then we opened the gifts.  Since we only had 4 presents (want, need, wear, read), we had the kids open every gift while the others watched.   They all saw their need gift, which was a Twister Saucer Slider for winter fun.  Those were too hard to wrap, so they were under the tree with bows on them, lol.  We started off with “Something to Wear”

Andrew loved his Dr. Doofenshmirtz shirt:

Austan ‘wanted’ a Glow Dome, so that’s what Santa brought

Charlotte asked for a Hello Kitty mp3 player

Meri was so excited opening her Dora Fairy Princess

Aaron wanted all things Mario, so he got a Mario figure and Mario and Luigi cars.

Allen asked for Pokémon Black for DS

Aren’t these the cutest slippers you’ve ever seen?  Meri found this in her ‘wear’ gift.

The adults got spoiled too!  I have been coveting one of these for a long time.

I cried when I opened the box and saw the Pandora Bracelet with a Poinsettia charm.  The Poinsettia was to remember I got the bracelet at Christmas.

I also got the usual socks and underwear, a hoodie, a sweater, and a house to go with my Christmas village!  I also got the book I was waiting for!!

Amy got 3 books (Amy reads voraciously, so she needs 3 books to our one, lol), winter coat and boots (need), a hoodie, socks and underwear.  Amy also received a new wedding band.  Shane and Amy celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on December 19th, and Amy lost her wedding band about a year after they married.  Shane and I went and picked out a nice gold wedding band for her.

Shane got clothes, pants and shirts, a new Terry Goodkind book, socks and underwear, and a new Spiral Saw.  Once he finishes Austan’s room, he’s going to start on the basement bathroom and he needed something to cut tile (among other things). 

My parents, sister, eldest brother, and Shane’s dad and girlfriend came by for our annual Christmas brunch.  We had such a wonderful time and continued to get spoiled.   My brother Tom, brought Andrew some potato latke’s for brunch.  About a week ago, Andrew came home from school where they had been learning about Hanukkah.  He asked me “Mom, I know we don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but do you think we could make potato latke’s for brunch on Christmas day?”  I had told him that I couldn’t do it on Christmas morning, but we would make some together when I was on holidays.  I had posted that as my Facebook status and my brother saw it.  He decided that Andrew would have his latke’s!

Hands down the best reaction to a gift was Andrew’s.  My sister, Andrea, gave Andrew this:

I have never seen him so excited…in what seemed like one continuous motion, he jumped up and plastered Auntie Andrea with the biggest hug!  Andrew does not give out hugs lightly, and he was just crazy over this gift!  It was awesome…I think he shocked Andrea pretty good too, LOL!

After our guests left, we had a fairly quiet afternoon.  I loved the day.  Because we only had 4 gifts each, we weren’t stressed for time…the day went at a good pace.  We decided that we are definitely keeping the 4 gift tradition again for next year.

That was our day…how was yours?  What was your favourite moment or favourite gift?

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully, with some mini-goals I have for January!


3 responses to “So, how was your Christmas??

  1. Our Christmas was similar to your’s, very low key. I do the same thing with my DD, and she was very happy with her gifts. Lots of fun with family and friends, good food and of course the famous Christmas nap!

  2. Just awesome! 🙂 Loved the pics! Our day went well too, and we’ll be keeping things “simple” again next year too… Maria LOVES all things Mario too… lol! My mom bought her a Barbie & she hasn’t touched it.. oops! lol!

  3. Looks like you guys had fabulous Christmas! Loved all of the pics!

    Happy New Year!

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