Why you need an Emergency Fund…

Last January, I had a parking lot accident and I had to clean out our emergency funds.  We’re struggling to add to it and we don’t have a lot of extra cash right now.   One of my top priorities of 2012 is getting that EF up to a healthy level.  Right now, it’s at about $200.00…NOT GOOD.  We obviously are not doing what needs to be done.

Today was payday for Shane.  We get paid on opposite weeks and every Thursday morning, I sit down and pay everything that needs to be paid and make sure that we have enough money to cover any payments that come out automatically every month, etc. etc.

This morning, breakfast in hand, I sat down and opened up the on-line banking.

Shane did NOT get paid.


We have no idea what happened at this point.   I couldn’t get in touch with Shane because he’s out of town today on business.  Thankfully, there were some funds available in one account, so I had to do an email money transfer to cover our mortgage payment just in case the money didn’t come today.  

At 4:30 when I left work, there was still no money in the account.

At 5:30, I checked again, and thank goodness, the pay was there!  Whew!  I knew it was a matter of time, it’s just this has never happened before, the money is always there when it should be.

The moral of the story is, if we had our emergency fund at a respectable level, I wouldn’t have been in a panic all day long.  I get tense when the money isn’t where it should be! LOL!

My number one priority now is to get the EF up to a respectable level.   Anyone up for an Emergency Fund Boost Challenge?  I will think of something for the new year and maybe a possible giveaway!


6 responses to “Why you need an Emergency Fund…

  1. I just had to clean out our emergency fund when i bought the car. So needless to say we too have to get the funds back in the bank …

  2. We’ve had that happen before too… Not a good feeling at all! 😦 Our EF is down to $2K, which I know isn’t bad, but I really like a minimum of $3K in it… I’m doing a “fiscal-fast” January to (hopefully) save $1K towards my EF. We’ll have very little to live off of in order to pull this off, but I’m determined! So count me in! 😉

  3. Oh wow! Glad it finally showed up. I would totally be freaking out and we have an emergency fund.

  4. I would not have been happy about that either! I’ll be doing an all year challenge trying to get that emergency fund where it needs to be! :)!

  5. I am so down for an EF boost! Mine gets 30$ each pay and in Jan when I get my rasie it will go up to 34$, but at a little over 400 it wouldn’t cover much if i lost my job.

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