I have to admit it

I REALLY SUCK at this goal setting stuff.  Well, scratch that, I really suck at attaining the goals I set for myself.


Here are my goals and the result of said goals:

1. Decrease the consumer debt by $10,000.

  • FAIL  ~  our consumer debt is still hovering around $28,000, which means, yes, we’ve spent on credit cards this year.  Not a lot, but we’ve only managed minimum payments on most debts.  We’re still spending too much…of course our expenses went up some when we purchased the house. 

2.   Save $1000 into my TFSA

  • FAIL  ~  I saved about $700, but I also took out some of that money to cover some of our vacation costs

3.   Get back on track with the jars

  • FAIL  ~ we’ve not been using the jars much at all.  We’d get back on them for 2 or 3 weeks and we go off them.  Which is probably why we failed at goal number 1 up above

4.  Lose 50 pounds by December 31, 2011

  • FAIL  ~ I had lost around 24 pounds as of the end of June.  Then I went on vacation, then the kids went back to school, then I stopped moving…I have gained back 8lbs.  I am still down 16 pounds from this time last year.  My doctor has said she wants to see at least 10 pounds a year for the next 5 years (firm believer in losing it slowly…love my doctor for that), so at least I have achieved her goal, LOL.  I would love to try and get back down to the 24 pound loss mark by December 31st, but with Christmas coming, I am not going to hold my breath.

5.  Read 50 books in 2011

  • FAIL ~ I am reading my 36th book right now.  I will cut myself a bit of slack on this one.  I made this goal when I was commuting to Toronto on the bus and I was reading a TON.  I came back to work in Mississauga (driving, not bussing) so I don’t have as much time to read.  Maybe, just maybe, I can make it to 40 by December 31st.

6.   Finally do my 12 of the 12th scrapbook pages that I have been wanting to do for the last 2 years and haven’t.

  • FAIL  ~ Didn’t even get started on this one.  I missed January 12th and that was that.  Silly me!

I am, in a word, embarrassed!!  But I am determined to do better this year!!  2012 is going to be a fresh start.

I am reminded of my favourite quote from the beloved Anne Shirley.

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.

I am going to think on goals for 2012 and see if I can come up with some realistic and attainable goals.  Then I am going to find the gumption to make sure it happens.  Change has to come from within.


5 responses to “I have to admit it

  1. You have not failed. It took me years of just not getting any deeper into debt. What I mean is I was $189,000 in debt and stayed there for about 15 years. Now I never got any deeper but I never got any less either. I learned a lot. I learned to not add to my debt, I learned to budget, I learned to scrimp and save for what I wanted and needed. I learned to say no to myself and the kids and I am making great progress now. You will also. Stick around we will make sure you make progress.

  2. Dust yourself off for a fresh start! Make sure your goals are reasonable & achievable, even if they’re a bit of a stretch. You CAN do this. It’s hard, and it’s definitely hard when you are focused on multiple things, but think of how much easier your life will be when you complete your goals!

  3. I would also agree, that although you have not attained the original goal, as you stated, you HAVE accomplished major steps towards those goals. You need to look at the positive things you have done this year. You do NOT suck at attaining goals. What you need to realize is, is that if you really want to accomplish something you need to set 2 major goals, and two minor ones. Also, shifting your end date for some goals does not mean you’ve failed. Perhaps setting your goals a little closer to earth would be a better step to take.

    For example, I want to pay off $10,000 by Dec. 31, 2012. To do this I must break this into a goal for each month – $834 paid off from my debt. To do this, I must put $417 of each paycheck onto my debt. Now you write it in your planner, on all of your calendars and on your computer calendar. Then each pay day you get excited about getting paid AND paying $416 towards your debt! Then at the end of the year, VOILA! you’ve reached $10,816 paid towards your debt!

    Big goals are easy to lose sight of because you aren’t constantly reminded of them all year. Little goals, every two weeks, become habit without even realizing they are habit. YOU can DO this GOAL thing. You just need to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Reading 36 books in a year is AMAZING! Losing 16 pounds is AMAZING! Saving $700 is AMAZING! Not adding to your debt is AMAZING!

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