Friday Quick Takes ~ November 25, 2011

~ 1 ~

I have to say, I don’t “get” Black Friday, and I don’t “get” Boxing Day up here.  I despise going shopping in crowded places, don’t like navigating the parking lots, don’t like the pushy and whiny people I encounter on busy shopping days.   To me, no sale is worth me going out and driving myself insane (I am already half-way there and don’t need any help).  I know lots of people love it, and that’s great for them…you just wouldn’t catch me out on either of those days.

~ 2 ~

I went out and got McDonald’s for lunch because I had a really wicked craving for it. 

It. Was. A. Mistake.

I feel absolutely dreadful now…I should have known better, I really should have

~ 3 ~

I am officially banned from Dollarama.  I went there yesterday to get tins for my cookie exchange, a calculator for Austan, and headphones for Amy.  I should have spent about $20.00 total.  Not a chance!  I spent $60 bucks out of the Christmas budget.  I ended up with extra tins for the baking I am going to do for ourselves.  I got an extra set of headphones just in case one of the kids break theirs or something.  A few Christmas decorations, and 4-100g Toblerone for the Toblerone Shortbread I am baking tomorrow.  It doesn’t help that most of the things at Dollarama are no longer $1.00 but $2.00!!

~ 4 ~

Speaking of baking, I have been ordered asked by one of my co-workers not to forget to bring in some of my Christmas baking this year.  Seems I keep posting on Facebook about what I bake and NEVER share with them.  LOL! 

~ 5 ~

We are hopefully putting up the Christmas Tree this Sunday after the boys come home from their dad’s.  Shane put up the outdoor lights sometime in mid-October when the weather was warmer.  They served a dual purpose this year as we had them on in time for Diwali.  Lots of our neighbours had their lights on for the celebration, so we turned ours on too! 

~ 6 ~

If you have little ones in the house, I highly recommend this website:


  You can make a personalized video message from the man in red!  We did one for all but Evan last year.  They loved it!  I loved watching their faces when they heard Santa say their name!

~ 7 ~

The best part of this time of year for me is that all the Christmas Specials and movies are starting up again.   One of my absolute favourites to watch this time of year is “Meet Me In St. Louis”.  It’s not a Christmas movie per say, but it has one of my favourite Christmas songs in it, by my all time favourite movie actress:




One response to “Friday Quick Takes ~ November 25, 2011

  1. #1 is right on the money! As for Dollarama, it sure does add up fast! Oh, McDonalds will kill you every time!! lol! Now you know… 😉

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