Christmas Baking

Tis the Season!!


Time for Baking!

I love to bake…I try and bake something at least once a month throughout the year (it’s all I get time for with our busy schedule).  At Christmas, I go crazy.  I start about a month or so before and spend at least a few hours every weekend making something in preparation for Christmas.

This weekend, at my girl’s get-together, we are having a cookie exchange.  Not only am I going to make the cookies for me, I volunteered to make Amy’s too.  That’s 12 dozen cookies for the exchange.  Then, of course, I have to make some for my family while I am at it or I will never hear the end of it from the children!

I also bake in preparation for our Christmas Brunch that we host every year.  I make different kinds of loaves and muffins and then freeze them.  This way I can make sure I get lots done in advance so I am not going crazy on Christmas morning.

So far, my list of baking items looks like this:

Minced Pumpkin Loaf

Coconut Snowball Cookies

Chunky Toblerone Shortbread

Cranberry-White Chocolate Shortbread

Spiced Fruitcake

Banana Nut Muffins

Cranberry Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Not sure what else I am going to bake.  I am thinking about trying my hand at gingerbread this year.  I think the kids would have a blast decorating gingerbread men or cookie cutter ginger cookies.

What is your favourite Christmas cookie recipe?  Please share with a link or the recipe in the comments!


2 responses to “Christmas Baking

  1. Hi! Don’t you just love Christmas. Yes… it’s a lot of work leading up to it, but it can be so much fun! Little ones running around and trying to keep them busy, decorating, get-togethers, sending cards, getting a tree, buying gifts, sharing with others and of course… baking. Oh the smells – so yummy and they bring back so many memories. Thanks for sharing! I just shared a post with my readers at Christmas baking can turn into a wonderful family tradition.


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