Menu Plan Monday ~ November 21, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone!!  It’s the beginning of another great week and that means it’s time for:

Please go check out the other great menus at I’m an Organizing Junkie

Saturday ~ Curried Meatloaf, Broccoli Cheddar Rice, Broccoli

Sunday ~ Jerked Pork Roast, Lemon Basmati Rice, Salad

Monday ~ White Chicken Chili and Cheese Loaf

Tuesday ~ macaroni casserole and salad

Wednesday ~ bean and veggie wraps

Thursday ~ Thai beef and rice, salad

Friday ~ Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Peas

I really wanted to start doing the prices of our meals, but alas, I am finding I don’t have the wherewithall to do it on a regular basis. 

I was bored and wanted a change in the blog theme, so I picked this new one…what do you think?

What’s on your menu this week?


4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday ~ November 21, 2011

  1. Yummy, you are eating well this week !

    I really like the new template, it looks very fresh and clean!

  2. I like it! The colours are perfect! 🙂 How do you make your jerked pork roast?! Sounds good!!

    • Carla, we use 2 tbsps of Grace Jerk Sauce and rub it on the outside of the roast and put it in the oven to cook. You can use any brand (we used to use a PC brand). You can use more or less depending on how hot you like things. I have never attempted to make my own jerk sauce.

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