The School Trips are starting…

Our 2 11-year-olds started middle school this year.  I remember WAY back when in middle school, I had the privilege of going to both Québec City (grade 7) and Washington DC (grade 8).  I had tons of fun on both trips and made some fabulous memories with my friends.

Last week, Austan came home asking about going on the grade 6 winter camp trip.  Five whole days away at a camp a couple of hours away where they were going to participate in tons of cool activities.   He then told us the cost of said trip was $270.00…YOWZA!!   We had to have a deposit down before Christmas of more than half.

The look on his face when we told him that it just wasn’t in the budget made me want to cry.  He was upset, clearly, but reluctantly accepted the decision.  We were upset too.  Especially me, because I do think that these types of trips are important, and I was so lucky that my parents sent me on those 2 excursions ever so long ago.

Then, I had an idea and I went to Amy and Shane with it.  What did they think about letting Austan open up his piggy bank?  If he had enough money in there for the $150 deposit, could we come up with the rest of the money for the final payment in February?  They thought it was a good idea.  We went to Austan and said, if you had YOUR OWN money to go on this trip, would you spend it?

Dumb question…OF COURSE he would.

The money was for his education…and well, as far as I am concerned, this is part of his education!   We broke open the piggy bank…he had about $150 in it and $40 of birthday money in his wallet.  More than enough!!  So Shane went off to the information meeting tonight.

We will definitely be able to glean money here and there from the budget for the rest of the cost.  It’s not due until sometime around the end of February (we already have about $50 in our piggy bank).

Austan is very proud that he’s paying more than half of the trip by himself.   We hope he has an amazing time!


4 responses to “The School Trips are starting…

  1. love it! We had Daynah pay her own way last year for the school ski trip 🙂

  2. Good for him!! 🙂 He must be so proud!!

  3. I feel your pain. (Great solution, by the way!) My kids are going to Nashville with their choir in April. $600.00 a piece ($1,200….ouch.) I have time to budget it in, but there will also be fundraisers to help defray the cost, thankfully.

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