Friday Quick Takes!

~ 1 ~

Confession time…did not track spending after Sunday and we went over by $30.  The big reason is that we did a lot of driving last weekend.  Our 2 11-year-olds went for a sleepover at our old next door neighbours.  We drove back and forth there twice.  I also had Shane take me to the wedding I went to last weekend…so he was back and forth to that twice…so we used a lot of gas money.

~ 2 ~

Speaking of gas… I am really getting sick of the gas prices.  Last year at this time, we were paying 1.06…today it’s .  Unfortunately, with working and all the curriculars we have, I can’t NOT drive.  So I am regularly checking out Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today before I fill my tank.  If I am running on empty, the price I hear about there decides whether I fill today or tomorrow.  However, I read this there today:

  Last week, Esso quietly withdrew its role as lead on sharing wholesale prices with other refiner/marketers, except Canadian Tire outlets. This means that other competitors will not necessarily know the others’ wholesale price until it shows up on the marquee of each station they control and that means price wars may once again emerge for the first time in a decade or more.

~ 3 ~

I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately…perhaps that is part of the reason for my little funk that I talked about last week.  It seems that every time I eat I feel nauseous and very full.  Sometimes I get a touch of heartburn.  It’s not debilitating, just freaking annoying!   A few people that I have told have said it sounds like an ulcer.  We’ll see…I have a doctor’s appointment 2 weeks from today.  Until then, I am avoiding things like coffee, diet coke (oh woe is me, not my diet coke) as much as I can.  I am also eating small meals.

~ 4 ~

Speaking of the doctor, I am annoyed with her office too.  I called on Sept 26th  to get an appointment with her.  She was fully booked for the week and then was going away.  I needed to see her to get refills on my medications and to talk to her about them.  I was running out on Oct 15th.  I figured 3 weeks was enough time to get an appointment.  So, since it’s a Family Health Team, I asked to be booked in with another doctor.  Oh, no, we can’t book you into see another doctor until she actually goes on her holidays.  So, I would have to wait another 10 days to actually make an appointment.  So, I asked, since the doctor was unavailable, could they phone in a repeat to my pharmacy.   We can, but we’ll have to charge you $15.00 for that.   ARGH…I made an appointment for October 20th and decided I would go to the pharmacy and ask them for an emergency supply for the 5 days.  On October 13th, the office phones me…”we have to reschedule  your appointment for October 20th to October 24th”.  Great…since I hadn’t been to the pharmacy yet, I asked “since you couldn’t get me in 3 weeks prior to my meds running out, and now that you have changed my appointment, can you call into the pharmacy and get me a repeat on my medications…I run out on Saturday.  Since it’s your fault, can you waive the $15 fee?”  She checked and yes, they would do that.  So I gave them my pharmacy’s number and I got my meds.  Because of said troubles in #3 above, I need to see the doctor and was looking forward to my appointment on this coming Monday.  Yesterday, another call comes in from the office.  “We need to reschedule your Monday appointment to November 4th”  ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!  Not pleased at all.  I have to be honest, this is the first time I have ever had trouble getting an appointment.  I have however, noticed that since they moved, the service I get from the receptionists is not stellar.   I like my doctor, A LOT, so I am uneasy about starting to search for a new one.  I am going to tell her that I haven’t been pleased lately.

~ 5 ~

Wow, I am pretty grumpy today!  Are there days where you get pessimistic about everything??  I am having one of those days.  Someone smack me!  Life really isn’t that bad.

~ 6 ~

I finally finished “Pillars of the Earth”.  I really enjoyed it, so I am going to get the sequel “World Without End” from the library.  Meanwhile I have to find something to read.  My brother gave me a huge box of books a while back (which is where I found Pillars), I will have to have  look and see what I can find.

~ 7 ~

As per usual we have a fairly busy Saturday.  Charley has dance class, my boys go to their dad’s for the night, and Amy and I need to grocery shop and go hunting for Halloween costume fodder at Talize.  Sunday I want to do some baking and make a nice big pot of chili for dinner.  Nothing’s better than chili on a cool fall day.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


2 responses to “Friday Quick Takes!

  1. Ugh….have you considered just going to a walk in to see what is wrong?

  2. I absolutely HATE how some dr’s are now!! My friend went to her dr to ask about a couple issues and after she got through the first thing, her dr said to her, “sorry, just one issue per appointment, make another appt. and ask me then” and then walked out of the office and left her jaw hanging to the floor!! Nice eh?!

    Hope your weekend is a good one!! 🙂

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