The A, B, C’s of me…

Many bloggers are doing this, may as well play along!
A-Age: 41
B-Bed Size – right now I don’t have my own, we’re still building my bedroom!
C-Chore you hate – cleaning the bathroom
D-Dogs – Shelby – our Bichon Frise/Yorkie Cross
E-Essential start to your day – Coffee and some form of breakfast
F-Favourite Colour– Red
G-Gold or Silver – Silver or White Gold
H-Height – 5ft and 4 inches
I- Interests – Reading, scrapbooking
J-Job Title– NDCV Auditor
K-Kids – Three boys of my own 11, 7,  & 6.  My step-daughter from my marriage who is almost 26.  Four ‘step’ children (Amy and Shane’s) 19, 11, 4, & 2
L-Live – Greater Toronto Area
M-Mothers Name – Diane
N-Nickname – don’t really have one ~ my once on-line name was Judles (coined by my step-daughter when she was 10)
O-Overnight hospital stays – 3 of my own for the births of my babies, and one horrible night when my Andrew had a terrible asthma attack and we had to stay the night
P-Pet Peeves – incorrect usage of there, they’re, and their (and your and you’re)
Q-Quotes from films – “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.”
R-Right or Left Handed – Right
S-Siblings – 3 brothers, 2 older, one younger, 2 step-sisters
T-Time you wake up – 6-7am
U-Underwear – cotton
V-Vegetables you hate – It would have to be lima beans…YIG
W-What makes you run late –  the kids
X-X-Rays you’ve had – teeth, hand, kidney
Y-Yummy food that you make – lasagna
Z-Zoo animals – Elephants and Zebras

One response to “The A, B, C’s of me…

  1. I have to 2nd your pet peeve!! It’s mine as well! Drives me insane but SO MANY people do it!! lol!

    Lima beans are nasty… Ick! 😛

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