Where the money went

Well, we went a little over our $415.00 budget this week.  We went apple picking and spent about $57.00 and we also went to the Conservation area for a hike on Monday, which cost us $19.50 for the grown ups.

Here’s where the money went:


  • Pizza Dinner ~ $24.00
  • Tim Horton’s ~  $2.75
  • Bowling ~ $18.50
  • Gas ~ $20.00


  • Groceries ~ Food Basics ~ $181.25
  • Groceries ~ Walmart ~ $29.53
  • Scrapbook store $3.39


  • Groceries ~ Freshco ~ $12.22


  • Apple Picking ~ $57.00
  • Conservation Area ~ $19.50


  • Gas ~ $15.00


  • School Trip ~ Aaron ~ $10.50
  • Gas ~ $20.00
  • Milk ~ $4.39
  • Shoes ~ $22.05

So we went over by $25.08.  I could have waited until today when I replenished the money to go and get the shoes, but I was at the store last night and I unfortunately *need* the shoes.  I had a nice pair of black dress shoes, but the dog ate them.  Shane and Amy replaced them for me with another pair, and the dog ate those too!! UGH.  So I saw a  pair that I REALLY liked at Payless that were marked down from $39.99 to $21.00.  I scooped them up.   But they are a nice style and I will get lots of wear out of them.  They will be kept in the box on the top of the closet shelf while I am not wearing them, away from shoe chewing monsters!!

This was a great exercise and really made me think about what I was spending!  Do you track all your spending?  How do you track it?  For me, I just wrote down everything I spent on a daily basis and where.

Back tomorrow with 7 Quick Takes Friday!


One response to “Where the money went

  1. That’s a great deal on the shoes, I was going to suggest keeping them up! lol! I haven’t been tracking this week, but am going to from today for the rest of the month as I’ve given myself a $500 savings challenge!!

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