7 Quick Takes Friday

I saw this over at my friend, Carla’s, blog and thought it would be fun to start participating in this:

~ 1 ~

It’s going to be a GORGEOUS weekend here in Southern Ontario.  Saturday is going to be 25C, Sunday 26C (and supposed to feel like 30C  ~ there is going to be a humidex, do you believe it?), and Monday is going to be 24C.  WOW!  We are hoping to go apple picking on one of the days.  The kids enjoyed themselves last year and it will be the  nicest weather for it.

~ 2 ~

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada on Monday.  You can read about why we have our Thanksgiving celebrations a good 6 weeks earlier than our neighbours to the south here.  As per usual, I am going to be cooking up a storm…turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, lots of different veggies, gravy, and apple and pumpkin pies.  I love cooking big meals like this, makes me feel good to see my family enjoying being together.  I am cooking on Sunday…gives me a day to rest before I have to go back to work on Tuesday.

~ 3 ~

Hockey season officially started on Thursday night.  I am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs (don’t laugh m’kay?).  While I was married, I stopped watching hockey on a regular basis.  My 11-year-old asked me if we could start watching hockey on Saturday nights when he’s not at dad’s house and I told him that I would love to watch with him.  I haven’t always been a Leaf fan…back in the 80’s I loved Wayne Gretzky, so for a while I was a fan of the Oilers.  I had a boyfriend in university who was a Habs fan, so naturally, I started following the Leafs again, just to bug him, lol.  They started out with a 2-0 win last night.  It’s always nice to start the season with a win…it’s even sweeter in Toronto when the win is over Montreal.  I am praying we can at least make the playoffs this year (again, no laughing, leave me to my fantasies).

~ 4 ~

I am going to start tracking what we spend again.  We have our $415 a week  in jar money, but we haven’t been tracking where it’s going.  I would like to see if we can cut any further at all.  I have never been very good at keeping track, so I am going to start trying to do this and post our weekly tally’s on Thursday or Friday each week.

~ 5 ~

I started bowling again.  From the time I was 5, until I was around 19 or 20, I bowled regularly in leagues.  First in the YBC, then in a couple of adult leagues when I was old enough.  I stopped after I went away to school.  I had Allen in it when he was little, and then we just couldn’t afford it anymore, so I pulled him out.  This summer, my brother asked me if I wanted to bowl with him in a Friday night league.  I took him up on it and now I am bowling regularly.  Not doing too bad so far…my average is hovering around 200 (5 pin)

~ 6 ~

I am going to start writing more regularly!  My performance here has been dismal 😦  So, I will start by joining Menu Plan Monday again, doing this Quick Takes Friday and my spending on Thursdays.  Hopefully that will get me up and running with the writing again.

~ 7 ~

Tis’ the season to be thankful, so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what I am thankful for this year.  First and foremost, I am thankful for my beautiful family, I don’t know what I would do without any of you. I am so blessed to have so many dear and wonderful friends…you have been my lifeline in good times and bad.  I am thankful that we are all healthy and happy and have a roof over our head and are fed and clothed.  We may be broke, but we are definitely a happy bunch! 

And a special ‘thankful’ this year: We are welcoming a new member into the fold…my nephew Sean is marrying a terrific girl on November 5th!  Mel, we can’t wait until you’re officially part of this crazy group of people.  We love you lots and lots!

From our house to yours:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


One response to “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. One sec… Let me compose myself from your leafs comments…. 😉 😛

    Ok, there… Better! lol!

    Glad to hear that you’ll be blogging more firstly! Secondly, I’m excited for a gorgeous weekend! I have a photo shoot this afternoon & I’m thankful for the gorgeous weather!! 🙂

    Have a great thanksgiving!

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