One thing we love doing on Sunday mornings is going out for breakfast.  Breakfast out is generally a much less expensive endeavour for our big family.  We can get out of the restaurant for around $80 or $90, but dinner usually will cost us well over that.

Now that we’re really tightening our belts, we aren’t really able to even go out for breakfast and we miss it.  So while we were shopping yesterday, I decided that I would make a big breakfast this morning. 

We purchased 2 packages of bacon at $3.99 each:


Two packages of english muffins @ $1.29 each:

Eighteen eggs @ $4.09 for scrambled eggs:

eggs ready for cooking in my Pampered Chef batter bowl…love, love, love my batter bowl
And just to make sure we had enough to eat, bar pan pancakes, apple-cinnamon, made from scratch:
The final product:
So, we had breakfast for 9 people at less than $20.00…yay!
Aaron said “The best thing about this breakfast is that we are all together and it is yummy!!

Happy children!!


2 responses to “Mmmmmmm….breakfast!!

  1. Mmm!! Perfect breakfast!! I’m out of my bacon & have been craving it something fierce!! lol! If you just eat regular bacon, I saw it on sale somewhere for $2.00 this week.. Maybe Giant Tiger..?

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal to go out for! But it’s much cheaper for me! Your breakfast looks great and so do the kids!

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