Why I work…

Today Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s blog asked “Why Do You Work?” .  I have pondered it for a bit.  It’s an interesting question.  She says that 6 out of 10 say “because I have to” and many get up and go to jobs they just can’t stand because it pays the bills.

I have to admit, I do work because ‘I have to’.  We have 7 children (6 at home) and we need the two incomes.  I want to be able to give our children a good life with activities that will expand their horizons (Scouting) and keep them physically fit and active (swimming and dance).  While those activities aren’t a requirement to having a happy and healthy childhood, I think being able to do something is important.  I also want us to have some fun and take vacations here and there.  We also have debt and we need to be able to pay that off.

I also work because I am pretty much happy with my job.  I am a pharmacy assistant but work in the insurance industry auditing on-line prescription claims.  I love math, so it satisfies that.  It gets me out of the house every day, and even though I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom, I am not sure I am all that cut out for it.  I have a great supervisor, and I work with a terrific team that I am happy to be able to call friends (and they’re all going to call me suck up when they read this, LOL!).  I get the flexibility of telecommuting if I need to, and I get a really decent amount of paid time off days.  I do enjoy going into work most days.

That being said, if I won the $20 million dollars in tonight’s Lotto Max, I would quit work and be a stay at home mom for a while.  I would do the school trip thing, and the school council thing, and all the other work that being a SAHM entails. 

So, why do you work?  And I know that some of my readers are SAHM’s, don’t think that I think you don’t work!   Why are you a stay at home parent?  Enquiring minds want to know.


One response to “Why I work…

  1. I read that post today too & all I could think of is that “so we have food on the table!” lol! But I try to bring in some extra income here & there for the little extras… fun family activities, some material items that wouldn’t normally be in our budget, etc…

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