Have you started to think about Christmas?

We have…more specifically, we’ve been thinking about how we’re going to pay for it!    We have 7 kids, 3 adults and then other friends and family to buy for as well, and it can get expensive.

This year we’re going to do something different when it comes to gifts.  I read about the idea at My 1/2 Dozen Daily and told Amy about it.  We simply LOVE the idea.  When purchasing our gifts, we are going to follow this old Victorian saying: 

Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.

The “something they want” will come from Santa Claus this year.  The something they need and something to wear will come from us, and the something to read will come from their brothers and sisters.  We are going to try to put a cap of no more than $150 per child and that will include the stocking that Santa always brings too.  That still is going to cost us over $1000.  That’s just for the kids!  LOL! 

So how are we going to pay for this?  Part of the money will come from the savings that we can glean from the weekly budget.  Part of the money is going to come from our child tax credit cheques and part of the money will come from overtime that Shane will be putting in over the next few months.  He’s got a couple of big trips coming up for work and he generally works a ton of overtime when he is away.  

We will also be cashing in rewards points for gift cards.  Generally in the middle of November, we cash in Air Miles for grocery certificates (this pays for our annual Christmas brunch that we have on Christmas morning),  and our Aeroplan and Visa rewards for other gift cards which we either use to purchase gifts for the kids OR we give as gifts to others.   I also have some gift cards for Amazon.ca from that I got from the online search engine Swagbucks

We haven’t thought much about what we’re getting the kids yet, and will probably wait until December to get their Santa gifts…sometimes we get them quite early and then they end up changing their minds as to what they want. 

How about you…have you started to think about Christmas this year?  How do you budget for Christmas?


3 responses to “Have you started to think about Christmas?

  1. I think this method really takes a lot of stress out of Christmas! 🙂 I’m about halfway done I’d say! As for saving for Christmas, I’m already saving for 2012! I set aside $20/week so I can be saved up & fully funded by the end of the following summer so I can shop early & avoid the malls in December! 😉

  2. I fully funded my Christmas Budget in July, about $1500. now as it’s getting closer to the time, I will start shopping for items as I find them. We’re also doing the want, need, wear & read guidline to try to keep it under control this year. I’m hoping to have all the gift buying finished by Hallowe’en so I can avoid malls in November and December. 🙂

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