New Budget and Weekly Menu

Last week I started going over our finances again…it seems as though we still have yet to put a dent into that debt on the side ticker.  We’ve been overspending and not sticking to the budget for a while now.  I think we got into some debt fatigue and spent more than we intended on upkeep for the new house (things like garden stuff to make the place look nice, etc).  We’ve made all the minimum payments on all the bills, but haven’t put extra on, at all.  Something always seems to come up…kids need this, or that…the dog ate my shoes (she’s done this, 3 separate times now)…excuses, excuses.  As far as the debt repayment goes…we are making minimum payments on all the cards and putting a big sum on one of the larger bills.  That bill will be paid by March, then we’ll snowball it onto the next largest, etc, etc.  Without the addition of our tax returns, we will be debt free in 36 months.  However, if we also put those tax returns on the debt, we will be out of debt in about 20 months.  I did both calculations because I wanted to give us the worst case scenario.

So, I decided that we needed to revamp the budget a bit.  Evan left for school this past week, and we have one less mouth to feed, so we figured that we would drop the grocery budget by $25 a week to start and see if we could be more frugal with our grocery menus.  We also dropped the transportation by $20 a week.  Now that summer is over, I will be able to work at home 2 days a week again so I won’t need as much gas.  I had to stop over the summer because the kids were just too darn loud and I could not concentrate on my work.

Here’s what the money looks like per week:

  • Groceries: $275
  • Transportation: $100
  • Clothing and Gifts: $15
  • Entertainment: $5
  • Everything else: $20

This week, I couldn’t get to the teller, so I only took out $400 (no $10 and $5 bills in the machine)…we are experimenting to see if we can do groceries for $260.00.  So far we have spent $237.10 on all our groceries for the week and will only have to go and get 2 more bags of milk before Friday (our milk budget dropped WAY down when the 18-year-old man left the house).  We should make it easily.

Our Menu for this week:

Saturday ~ Delissio Pizza and Salad (Pizza’s were on sale at Food Basics for $3.44, we also had a Dr. Oetker’s Spinach Pizza in the freezer for the grown ups

Sunday ~ Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, homemade corn muffins, veggies and dip

Monday ~ Roasted Chicken, Rice, Cauliflower

Tuesday ~ Savory Apple Chicken Sausage, Veggie Alfredo

Wednesday ~ Tuna Sandwiches, Mushroom Soup, Veggies and Dip (Beaver night for the littles, need quick and easy suppers)

Thursday ~ Beef and Bean Burritos

Friday ~ Ginger Pork Fried Rice, Egg Foo Yung

Any extra left over for the week will be put into a fund for Christmas this year.  More about Christmas tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.


3 responses to “New Budget and Weekly Menu

  1. Sounds like a super plan! Your menu looks great! Good luck!

  2. We grabbed some of those pizzas for the kids too… Much cheaper than ordering in, and can barely buy a block of cheese for the price of 2! 😛 Good luck with your grocery budget! We go through milk like crazy here too, so I feel your pain! 😉

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