A Trip to the ROM

On our vacation, we mostly stayed at home and did things in and around our area.  One of the things we did was go to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  The ROM offers half price Friday nights where admission is 50% off after 4:30 pm.  That gives you a good 4 hours to explore the place.  Trust me, the 4 hours will be packed.

Shane and I took the 6 kids there and left Amy home so she could have some much-needed quiet time at home without the littles (precious commodity for a SAHM).  Instead of driving all the way down, we parked at Islington Subway stn and took the subway into the city. 

We had dinner outside the ROM.  Can you say “STREET MEAT”?

We spent most of our time on the third floor.  We visited the dinosaurs, the bat cave, biodiversity section, hands on kids section and the gem room on the second level.

Star of Lanka

We have to go back again another Friday night because there is so much more to see.

Have you been to the ROM?  What’s your favourite part of the museum?


4 responses to “A Trip to the ROM

  1. I went in the Summer of 2009 with some colleagues. It was amazing there. We spent time in the Dinosaur section as well but the largest portion of our time was in the Egyptian section with all those wonderful artifacts and mummies.

  2. I haven’t been, but would love to someday! My daughter (Morgan) went not too long ago with my sis and loved it! Love the pics! 🙂

  3. hahaha. I can tell you guys are on the Bloor-Danforth line subway when you took this picture. I know that subway anywhere. On a side note, did you get off at the Museum subway station? Kids usually love that station because they’ve fancied it up to look all Edyptian.

    • Unfortunately no…because we had so many littles and I get sooooo nervous with them on the subway, we got off the Bloor Danforth at St. George and walked over…I didn’t want to change lines. As it was, poor Meri lost her shoe onto the tracks on our way home. She stumbled going into the train and the shoe fell off. She wimpered almost all the way back to Islington…felt so bad that the other passengers had to listen to her!

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