Cheap Theatres

We all know that the price to see a movie can be astronomical these days.  Once you pay the $11.99 entrance fee, you then have to purchase your popcorn, drinks, and goodies.  Generally, once you’ve left, you’ve spent over $20, per person.

We have a theatre close by that plays movies, not new releases, but films that have been out for a couple of months.  We were going to take the kids out to see Cars 2, but once we figured out how much it was going to cost us to go (almost $100 BEFORE snacks and drinks) we decided that we would take them out to the ‘cheap’ theatre and see a movie that’s been out for a bit longer.

Yes, the screens aren’t as large, there’s no ‘stadium’ seating, it’s not brand-spankin’ new, but who cares?  The admission to the theatre is $2.99 per person (after 6pm it’s $3.99 for adults).  The theatre also lets you bring in your own snacks if you want to.

We brought our brood there, all 9 of us, and we qualified for the ‘group’ special (Six or more people).  Admission, child’s drink, child’s popcorn for $5.00 each.  We walked into the theatre, with a snack for all, for $45.00.  Sweet!!

Rio was absolutely adorable.  It was perfect for the kids, and the theatre was perfect for our 2 littlest, who had never been to a movie before.

Do you have a cheap theatre near you?  Do you take advantage?  I realize some movies are going to be much better on a bigger screen (like Harry Potter, etc), but for others, I think they are perfect.


4 responses to “Cheap Theatres

  1. We don’t have a cheap theater, but we do have cheap night! 5.99/8.99for 3-D. Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. that’s a great price. we have tuesday matinees and that’s about it. although I can get discounts through work but not as good as the $5 matinee.

  3. The theater downtown I bring my kids to is our cheap theater. Its clean & has current movies. I try to go on tuesdays when it’s $4.00/person. We always bring our own snacks as they’re still insanely priced there… Naturally.

    We loved Rio… I think the girls have watched it like 5 times in the last few days. Yes, I AM a horrible mother. 😛

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