Vacation: Niagara Falls

We are so lucky to live just over an hour drive from Niagara Falls!  It really is nothing short of spectacular.  Yes, it is a tourist trap, but it is ever so much fun!

We went to  and stayed at the Americana Resort.  They have their own small waterpark attached to the hotel.  It’s not as big or as fancy as Great Wolf Lodge, but it suited our needs perfectly.  With 4 kids under 7 years old, it was small enough that we could let the 6 & 7-year-old run around and play on their own (and of course our big boys).  We got 9 waterpark passes for 2 days and accommodation in a 10 person suite for $339 plus taxes.  We priced the same vacation at Great Wolf and it would have cost us about $700 plus taxes.  We brought our lunch for the first day and our own breakfast for the next morning, and went out for dinner the first day and lunch the second.

We arrived at 1 o’clock and were able to check into our room.  We spent about 4 hours at the waterpark and then went out to dinner and down to the falls.   We wandered around Clifton Hill and looked at some of the fun and tacky places you could go into.  Here are the kids sitting in Robert Waldo’s chair (tallest man on record…I think he was something like 8 feet 11 inches tall):

We also went to the Hershey Store to buy some chocolate…check out this Peanut Butter Cup:

Would you ever pay $40 for one piece of chocolate?  Even if it's a huge piece?

We went back to the hotel and put the kids to bed.  The next morning we spent another 4 hours at the waterpark, then had lunch and headed to the Butterfly Conservatory.  As much as I loved it there, I thought it was a wee bit pricey.  It was $70 for all of us to get in and Meri and Charlotte were free!  The kids really enjoyed it though, and thought it was really cool that the butterflies landed on them.

All in all, it was the most expensive 2 days of our vacation.  With food and entrance fees and accomodation it came to around $720.  Remember if you go to Niagara to not only budget the HST (13%), but there is also an additional “promotional fee” of 3.39% that you need to budget for as well.

The kids loved the water park best, of course, and want to go back.  We told them we have to save up and *maybe* we could do it again next year.


5 responses to “Vacation: Niagara Falls

  1. Lovely photos. I especially like the first one with everyone together on the river bank. I aqm also suitably jealous!!

  2. Looks like it was well worth it though!! Love the great pics, and that PB cup looks to die for!!! Yummy!! 🙂

  3. I went to a butterfly conservatory in Southern Arizona with a dear friend, years ago. It was a very surreal experience. thanks for sharing the pictures and memories of your day.

  4. I love Niagara Falls. It’s such a romantic and fun place to visit. And that IS a very big peanut butter cup! O_O

  5. The Niagara region is so beautiful. I sometimes wonder what can be done to better promote its beauties which I think are often underestimated with regard to the other provinces. There is nothing better for me than the early morning walks in the wonderful green spaces of this part of Canada.

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