Love getting items free!

Yesterday, for the first time, I was able to put The Scanning Code of Practice into effect on one of our grocery purchases!  It’s never happened to me before, so I was pretty excited.

For anyone not familiar with the SCP, this is it:

The thing is, I didn’t catch it myself.  We were putting our purchases through and a lady came up to our cashier with her receipt and said “The McCain frozen pies I purchased were $1.29 and they scanned at $2.19.”  I said “Really?  Cool, we bought one too!  Did you know we now get it free?”  The lady said “Yep!  Terrific isn’t it?” 

We both waited for about 10 minutes for someone to check the price (wasn’t thrilled about that), and sure enough, we both got 1 pie free.  I told the cashier that this was the first time it happened to me and she told me that I should really watch the register at the store because it happens ALL the time.  I walked out feeling great about saving $2.19

We also saved a bit of money on couponing yesterday too.  Pampers, Underjams and Easy Ups were on sale at Metro for 12.99 (which is good for brand name Pampers).  We had one $3 off and one $2.00 coupon for those products.  So we got $39.98 worth of diapers for $20.98.  Not a bad savings there, I would say.   Although I wish we could coupon here like they do in the U.S.A.   That would be awesome.

Hope you all had a great weekend…it’s a scorcher here, we’ve spent the majority of the day inside.


4 responses to “Love getting items free!

  1. Great deals! I’m thankful that I’m finally out of the diaper/pull up stage!! lol!

  2. I SCOP’d twice at Metro a few weeks ago on veggie souvlaki. You only get it if you ask, they don’t automatically give it to you. It’s amazing how much stuff they get wrong at the cash register and you’d think they’d learn considering people are really becoming aware of it.

  3. I am notorious for this because I am really OCD about prices and really think about the price of everything as I put it into the carriage. It doesn’t happen too often at the store I usually stop at but maybe 1-2 times a month I’ll get something for free.

    I admit, on more than one occasion, I have used this policy deliberately. I would notice that an object had two different prices in two different locations in the store. I would make a mental note of which price was lower and where it was posted and then purchase the item — even if I normally wasn’t going to. If it rings up at the lower price, I could always say I changed my mind and have them take it off. But if it rings up at the higher price, I get it for free. It’s a weighted game. I’ve actually never had it ring up at the lower price when I’ve done this. So I’ve always gotten the item free.

    Not exactly the “best” behavior on my part but the stores I shop at are really quick about fixing those errors. The person who checks the price will often physically remove the tag (if it was a sale item the week before) when checking. And if it’s wrong in the computers (much rarer) they will go to the service desk right after you get your free item and have the manager reset the price in the system or print new tags.

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