Week One Report Card…

We survived our first week back on the jars!  Yay us!  Pay day is Thursday, so I go and pull our money from the bank tomorrow. 

As a family of 10, our variable expenses are $460.00 per week.  Here’s how we did:

Groceries $300.00 ~ Used $274.71 ~ $25.29 left over

Transportation $120.00~ Used $120.00 ~ $0.00 left over

Clothing/Gifts $20.00 ~ Used $0.00 ~ $20.00 left over

Entertainment $5.00 ~ Used $0.00 ~ $5.00 left over

Everything Else $ 15.00 ~ Used $0.00 ~ $15.00 left over

Total left over from the jars?  $65.29

Not too bad!  I am very pleased with our first week.  Not sure if we will have that much left over next week, only because we have some medical expenses to pay for that will wipe out our ‘everything else’ jar.  We’re sure going to try though!

I just love being on the jars…it helps us be more accountable for what we’re spending.   Knowing we have as a guideline, writing down what we spend, keeps us on track.  When we actually do it, it works!  Kinda like my Weight Watchers…which I will update everyone on tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


3 responses to “Week One Report Card…

  1. Great job ladies!!

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