Summertime Splurge


Amy and I splurged a little bit last week.  We spent some money on concert tickets a couple of months ago, and last week we went to see:

Mr. Brad Paisley

It was, in a word, Awesome!

We don’t usually go to concerts, mostly because the cost is astronomical, and there is usually no act that we would want to see that badly, but Brad, he’s an exception (we’d also spend the money to see Tim McGraw).   He did not disappoint.  Not only do I love most of his lyrics (he sings a lot of story songs), but he, hands down, is the best guitar player in country music.

His opening act was good too…an guy named Eric Church.  Amy and I are now fans.  Here’s a little sample of his work: 

It’s funny, cause neither Amy, nor I, drink (that much) or smoke, but we love, love, love this song!

So, are there any artists that you find are worth the money it costs to go to their live shows?  Who are they?


4 responses to “Summertime Splurge

  1. I went to see Elton John & Billy Joel together in their Face2Face Tour… twas a thing of beauty… tickets were ridiculous for nosebleeds but OMG soooo worth it 🙂

  2. Love Brad!!! I would love to see him!! Tim was fabulous, and can he ever pull off leather pants!! 😉 Luke Bryant opened for Tim & he was awesome! 🙂

    Did ya buy Tshirts?!?

    • I bet Tim can rock the leather…oh boy! LOL!

      Yes, we each bought a t-shirt…Amy a pink one with an image of him and his name in silver. I got a black one with what looks like the Jack Daniels label on the front and on the back is “Some of the best times you’ll never remember…ALCOHOL” (love that song). Those were expensive too! But I used my GST cheque to cover those and dinner for the night.

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