Another jar reworking…

After looking at our finances over the last month or so, I have decided we need to rework the jars a bit more.  So here’s our updated rework:

Groceries:  $300.00 ~ This hasn’t changed since the last rework.  We are trying to be frugal and pretty much come in under $300 a week for a family of 10 and a dog.

Transportation: $120.00 ~ This has moved up a bit to take into account the huge increase in gas since last time I did the budget.

Clothing & Gifts: $20.00 ~ Up from $10.00.  It’s also more expensive to clothe the kids.  We go to thrift stores like Value Village and Talize, but it’s harder to find clothes for the 10-year-olds…they are in that in between stage.  We don’t delve into this jar on a weekly basis.

Entertainment: $5.00 ~ stayed the same, we try and do a lot of free stuff

Everything else: $15.00 ~ stayed the same as well.

That’s a total of $460.00 per week for variable expenses.  So far we’ve still got all the entertainment, clothing and gifts, and everything else money left.  I filled up my car for the week and gave the rest to Shane.

We also went to the farmer’s market, and grocery shopping and we have approximately $45 left in the grocery jar.  All we will need to buy is about 3 more bags of milk for the rest of the week.  Any excess for the next few weeks will be put away for our vacation.

I am feeling lots better!


2 responses to “Another jar reworking…

  1. I always feel better when my budget is in place too! Gas is crazy insane… Soo glad I don’t have a car to fill up all the time!

    • It’s getting to the point that it might be better if I didn’t have a car! It just takes too long to get to work by transit at the moment, not to mention the extra curriculars the kids are in (Scouts, swimming lessons). They are slowly implementing a rapid transit type system here, but it won’t benefit me for at least a couple of years.

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