I guess we took a little vacation…

Just looking at the last date entered on our blog…APRIL 20th…exactly a month. 

Ok, we didn’t mean to take a vacation, it just happened, I guess.  Sometimes life just gets in the way…

It’s been a DREARY month.  I can deal with the snow of winter, what I can’t deal with is the constant rain that we seem to be having this spring.  It’s like Mother Nature decided to push everything back a month.  We had snow in the middle of April (can’t remember the last time we had snow that late), and now we’re getting those April showers in May.  I understand it’s like that in a lot of places across the continent.  On Tuesday I was working out at the Y and watching a baseball game on the tv there (Colorado and San Francisco, I think).  They were saying that 6 weeks into the season, they already had 27 postponements of games across the entire league due to rain.  Compare that to the ENTIRE season last year when they had 21.  That’s a whole heck of a lot of rain.  I have been grumpy more than I would like…I feel tired even though I am sleeping.  The kids are driving us nuts because we can’t just send them outside to play. 

To get myself out of this rut, I want to set some goals to accomplish by the end of the month/first week of June.

1. Sit down with our budget, debt, etc and get back on track with those jars and debt repayments ~ we’ve been slacking off majorly on the jars.  We are making our payments on our debt, but not making EXTRA payments or saving as much as we’d like.

2. Get my father’s birthday surprise finished  ~ My dad turns 70 this year.  I have cooked up some fun for his birthday, but I am not telling yet.  Dad reads the blog, so no sneak peak here.

3.  Start Walking nightly or get to the gym more ~ My weight loss efforts have kind of plateaued.  Gotta start MOVING!

That’s a good start, I think.

It’s a long weekend here in Canada…we’re hoping that there is at least ONE good day this weekend.  We haven’t decided what we’re doing tomorrow, but Sunday Amy and I are going to go scrapbooking for the day.  On Monday Amy and Shane are taking me out to the cemetary to lay out some flowers on Mom’s gravesite, and my grandparents’ too.  I can’t remember the last time I was there, but I am thinking it was when my Grandma passed away 4 years ago.  Then, since my Aunt lives close by, we’re going for a visit and lunch.   Can’t wait.

If you have time off, what are you doing this long weekend?


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