Looky what we got!

written by Judi

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted my seven deadly sins post about “Envy”?   Remember #2?

Someone reading saw that post.  That someone had a piano.  That very generous someone decided that WE should have said piano.  All I could think was, WOW, really?  Are you sure?  You want to give us your piano?  REALLY? 
The one we received doesn’t look like the picture above… here’s what it looks like:  

Isnt it lovely???

Now we have to have it tuned and get lessons set up for the kids.  Piano lessons are EXPENSIVE!  We found a reasonably priced teacher, who will come to our house to teach.  Right now, only Allen and Aaron will be getting lessons and we’ll see how that goes. 
We just want to thank that someone for their generosity…from the bottom of our hearts.  We owe you a really nice bottle of wine, or dinner, or both!

3 responses to “Looky what we got!

  1. I absolutely LOVE piano! I’m sooo jealous!! Lucky you! 🙂

    We just hired someone for private guitar lessons and it’s $30/45 minutes… Ouch!

  2. Wow. First boots, now a piano! Awesome!
    If ye ask, ye shall receive. 😀

    PS-Love the new look.

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