Amy’s Day 7~ Lust

7  Love Secrets. Are you ready? If you’re easily offended, you might not want to read further..oh who are you kidding? Of course you want to!

1. People with certain accents do things to my insides.

Particularly Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Australian accents. You know that commercial on tv about the cheese, where the husband starts speaking Italian? Yeah, Daddy needs more lasagne! Just keep talkin’ honey, and you can do anything you want…especially if your voice is deep and throaty.

2. I’m very responsive to noise.

As in, if I’m doing something you like, make some noise. I’m not a mind-reader! And, the more noise you make, the more turned on I’s a win-win.

3. I love cuddling, kissing, and hand-holding.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly a secret..I think most women do.

4. I don’t believe in love at first sight.

I may be a woman and a romantic, but I don’t. I DO believe in an ‘instant connection’, but it takes work..yes, stay connected, and intimate, and married.

5. Sometimes I prefer to ‘relieve the tension’ myself, rather than have sex.

It takes less time, and less energy. That doesn’t mean I don’t desire my husband/partner. It just means I’m horny, but tired.

6. Here’s a couple freebies- I like older men. I have had more than one partner at one time. I have been to a nudist colony..more than once.

Make of those what you will.

7. Sex and food should not mix.

Please don’t tell me I’m missing out. And I don’t care if they do it in the movies. Sex doesn’t belong in the kitchen, and food doesn’t belong..there. Or there. It’s just not ok!


4 responses to “Amy’s Day 7~ Lust

  1. I love your honesty! I laughed while reading this at work !

  2. thanks Sam! Hopefully I made your work day a tiny bit better! 🙂

  3. Amy, you are a much wilder woman than I! Lmao!!

  4. I didn’t enjoy writing this day but yours made me LOL

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