Judi’s Day 5~ Greed

Hi All!  Hope you all had a fun week.  Continuing with the series, Day 5 is Greed…7 of your greatest material desires!  This one should be fun but also a little difficult as I have a hard time sometimes, thinking of what “I” want.

1. European Vacation:

I have always wanted to go to Europe!  I was able to go to England in 1989 and haven’t been across the pond since.  Mostly because I have been busy raising kids and have no money, but also because I hate to fly.  If I had the chance to see Rome, Paris, Greece, I think I would suck it up!

2. A Dedicated Scraproom with all the latest gadgets!

Ok we do have a space in our place for all our scrapbook materials and Amy’s done an amazing job at organizing everything.  I just want a bigger place for our stuff and a dedicated room for it.  Right now it’s in our ‘dining room’ area. The space is only about 10 x 10 at the most (probably more like 9×9).  I wish it was contained to a room. 

3. A Cottage in Muskoka

Yes, Amy and I do have some of the same goals.  I want to have a retreat in Muskoka on a good swimming lake.  We have gone up to a cottage for the last 3 years and just fell in love with the area and the kids so enjoy going.  It would be lovely to have a place of our own that we could go to whenever we want.

4. A Brand New Chevy Traverse

Isn’t it a beauty?  It’s an SUV crossover that seats 8!  Having such a large family, and with Amy not having her driver’s license (YET), she and I can’t scoop up the 6 kids and drive anywhere.  In the summer, I get the advantage of leaving at noon on Friday.  It would be great to have a vehicle that could seat all 8 of us so we can take make the most of my time off work.  Right now we’re limited to doing things within walking distance or accessible by transit.  But, it has a price tag of $35,000.00…too much right now 😦

5.  A New computer

Our computers work just fine, but they’re old.  I have never owned a brand new computer before.  When I was in school, I had an old computer with an amber monitor!  It was second (probably 3rd or 4th) hand.  It did what I needed it to do.  It would be nice to have a brand new one, with all the bells and whistles. 


6. An iPhone

An Apple iPhone

Yes, I am aware that this was on my Envy list, too!  It’s also on my greed list because I want, want, want, one!   It’s going to be forever until I am able to get one (or at least it seems like it).

7.   A Trip to Disney
Mwaa, haaa, haaa, I have finally convinced Amy that we need to take the family to Disney.  It’s going to be a huge undertaking and cost a pretty penny, but I think it’s doable in 2013 or 2014 at the latest.  I would love to do it RIGHT NOW, though.

3 responses to “Judi’s Day 5~ Greed

  1. damn..I forgot about a scrap room! I wish we had one too! 🙂 A.

  2. Telus is having a promotion for the 3G iPhone for $0. I’m thinking you have to sign a 3 year contract or something. But, if you’re with Telus, here’s your chance to own one!

    • sigh, yeah, I keep hearing the commercials…but I have made it a “reward” for losing all my weight. I so terribly want to cave and go get it (like right now, lol). I am currently with Telus, so it’s such a tempting offer!!!

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