Judi’s Day 3 ~ Wrath

Yep, there are a lot of things that piss me off…here’s 7:

1. Being Late ~ my mother was a real stickler for being on time.  I remember being late for school 3 times one year and my mother chastised me and told me that she was never once late for school.  Wonder if that’s really true? LOL.  Seriously, I find being late for something the absolute most inconsiderate thing you can do to someone.  To me it screams “you’re not important enough for me to worry about your time”.  Of course, I realize that sometimes it can’t be helped (like when you have 6 kids and 3 adults to get ready and pile into 2 cars and have to drive an hour or two to get somewhere).

2. Improper use of they’re, their, there, your and you’re – oh dear, nothing drives me crazier when I see a sentence like this “Your going to go to the store tonight”  or  “they are going to there parents tonight”.  I cringe and try so hard NOT to be the grammar/spelling police.  (**note, when I spell checked this, “there” was caught, “your” wasn’t)

3. People who don’t know how to use a 4-way stop ~ there are SO MANY PEOPLE who don’t know this basic rule of driving!!  I don’t know how many times I have almost been hit by a person who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

4. People who spit in public ~ no explanation needed here…that’s just gross

5. People who blame their troubles on everyone else ~ you know those people, the ones who’s problems are never, ever, their fault?  Stand up, take ownership of your issues.  The only person who can make your life better is YOU…stop waiting on someone else to make it perfect for you because it ain’t going to happen.

6. Jenny McCarthy ~ it’s no secret to many of my friends that I can’t stand this woman.  Ok, maybe that’s a little unfair, the message that she sends out about Autism is what pisses me off.   I am absolutely positive she loves her boy and that she would do anything she can to help him navigate his way in the world. Please don’t presume to speak for ALL parents of autistic children…um kay?  It’s her brash, in your face attitude that I believe hinders her cause.

7.  People who judge our kids ~ Like Amy, it really irks me when people pass judgment on our kids!  One is on the autism spectrum, one is ADHD, and sometimes, they just don’t act appropriately in certain situations.  They are not bad children, they are not in need of a good spanking, they are not spoiled!  We are doing the best that we can.  I have to admit though, that I was once a person like that…I realized one day that parenting is hard, period,  and we can never know what has happened in a person’s day to end up where they are at that moment.


One response to “Judi’s Day 3 ~ Wrath

  1. I had to chuckle at number 2. Since I started my course, little things like that, or just bad sentence structure in general, drive me nuts! lol

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