Amy’s Day 3~ Wrath

Todays category is 7 Things That Piss You Off.

Yeah..kinda like that..poor kitty. Looks about as happy as my hubby does when he gets forced into the pool. Anyway, here’s my list of pet peeves…

1.  Lying.

I hate being lied’s my number one pet peeve. If you did something I won’t like, just tell me. I will be 3 times as angry with you if I find out later that you lied to me about it..and I WILL find out.

2. Clutter.

More to the point, when the adults in the house leave their coats, shoes, bags, tools, hats and purses in places they don’t belong. I pick up after children all day long..’nuff said.

3. When strangers comment negatively on my child ( ren’s) behaviour.

Um..unless they’re mouthing off to you, or hitting you or damaging your property- I’M the parent, thanks very much. You can take your comments and stick them where the sun don’t shine, because you don’t know my child or how best to deal with them.

4. Being late.

I try to be on time for appointments, etc. But I have 7 kids and sometimes things go wrong or are beyond my control. Doesn’t mean I’m any less pissed off ’cause I’m late.

5. Whining/Backtalk.

It makes me grit my teeth. My husband has been known to tell the kids ‘ Your mother is talking through her teeth again..I’d watch out if I were you’. He’s pretty sharp sometimes..s’why I keep him around.  😉

6. Animal/child/spousal abuse.

No one deserves to be beaten, tormented, abused or neglected. NO ONE. And it really pisses me off when someone is. My mom was in several abusive relationships when I was growing up ( and most of you know some of what Judi went through in her marriage). I don’t ever want anyone I know ( or don’t know!) to have to deal with that again, much less a close friend or loved one. And kicking Fido because you had a bad day? That is patently ridiculous, and just plain EVIL. You’re bigger, stronger and smarter ( ok, the smarter might be debatable), but really why do you have to bully your poor defenseless animal?

7. People who are judgemental and full of themselves.

I have children with autism and ADHD, and I live an..lets just say unorthodox lifestyle ( a household with 2 moms, 1 dad, 7 kids and a puppy is still unusual in this day and age where kids can have 2 dads, or grandparents or uncles living with them..if Judi and I were related- like the sisters people assume we are- I think people would find it easier to understand.) But I try very hard not to make snap judgements about people, and I would like the same courtesy.

And no, I don’t care that you only wear American Eagle jeans, that your car is a Beamer and you just got back from a trip to Spain, and you only ever buy organic. I don’t, and probably never will. Doesn’t mean your life is ever so much better and more meaningful than mine, despite your holier-than-thou attitude.


4 responses to “Amy’s Day 3~ Wrath

  1. Well said! 🙂

  2. Oh particularly about the being late! I always give myself a lot of extra time. Despite that, yesterday I kept a good friend and her brood of 3 waiting for about 25 min. while we searched up and down the street for the movie theatre we were supposed to be meeting up at. Found out finally that its *address* is on one street but you can’t see or access it from there. Whaaaaaaatttt?!!!

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  4. Oh dear Fiona!! Yeah, that would frustrate and piss me off no end!

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