7 Deadly Sins- Day 1- Pride

 If you think this is a double post, think again! I thought this idea was so cool, I just had to do it, too! Yeah, it’s me, Amy.. long time no post, I know. I like to write, I just rarely get the time. Ok, I rarely TAKE the time.

So..here’s my 7….

1. I’m a pretty good artist. Whether it’s the top of a birthday cake, a mural on the wall, or just ‘ Mom, can you draw me a cat?’ Yup, I can!

2. I have excellent common sense. I may not have gone to college, but no one who knows me will ever say ‘ she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she? ‘

3. I’m a good cook. I don’t even need a recipe, I’m great at just making shit up. The only downside is when someone really likes it and says ‘how do you make this? You’ll have to give me your recipe’, and I’m left going ‘ ummmm…’ because half the time I don’t even remember what I put in it, just whatever smelled right or I thought might taste good at the time.

4. I have a really big heart. I love with abandon, with my whole being.

5. I’m a pretty good mom. I know that because not too many people could be a mom to 7 kids, and not go insane. I’m not perfect..occasionally someone doesn’t have any clean underwear.

6. I’m honest. Sometimes, I’m TOO honest. But, if you really want the truth about how that dress makes you look, I’m the one you should ask.

 7. I’m frugal to the point of being stingy.  I mean, I’d probably give you the shirt off my back if you really needed it, but it probably came from Value Village. And I’m proud of that..I hate to pay full price for anything and I love a good bargain. I like brand name as much as the next girl, but we’re on a budget and I’ve got 7 kids to outfit! I love seeing them dressed as well as almost any other kid, and knowing I didn’t pay near what any of their parents did!


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