And so goes another year…

Wow, is it really almost a whole year since I turned 40?  It’s true, life goes faster the older you get, because it hardly seems like it’s been that long.   On Sunday, I turn 41 years old.

Usually, Shane and Amy take me out to dinner, sans children, for my birthday.  This year, since we rarely go out as a family (we order in, it’s cheaper), I decided that instead of dinner, I wanted us to all go out to Sunday brunch at one of our favourite places, The Muddy Duck.  The two littlest are almost free, the kids are half price, and since we go early, the adults take advantage of the early bird special and get $3 off the price.  So basically, for the same price (or less) than the 3 of us going out to dinner, I can have my whole family with me at brunch.  I can’t wait!

Guess what??  Remember that goal I had?  I wanted to lose 15 pounds by my birthday?  I DID IT!!  I weighed in last night and I am down 15.4 pounds total.  Woot woot!!

Weekend plans include an all day scrapbook crop on Saturday, date night for Amy and Shane on Saturday night, and then brunch on Sunday.  Amy’s going to make dinner on Sunday, but I haven’t decided what I want for my birthday dinner as yet.  I better decide soon or I will get what I am given!   I have asked for Strawberries and fat free Cool Whip for dessert.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


4 responses to “And so goes another year…

  1. oh wow congrats!! You set an attainable goal, you worked for it, and you made it!!

    • Thanks, Jolie! I am setting very small goals for this weight loss…my next little mini-goal is reaching my 10% goal by the time I go for my girls weekend on April 15th. So that’s about 6 weeks for 5.6 pounds.


    And congrats on the weightloss! You’re doing great!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss goal!!! That’s awesome!! 🙂 And I hope you have a wonderful birthday! A bday brunch with family sounds perfect!

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