Treating Myself…

Amy and I were at the mall yesterday picking up a few things and we got to talking about how we’re going to reward ourselves as we lose the weight (Amy is not attending meetings, but she’s following the plan with me).   I said that once I get to my 10% goal (21 pounds) that I wanted to take some money and go to Talize to get some new pants.  Amy promptly told me that a reward should not be something I need, but something I want.  I will ‘need’ new pants at 21 pounds lost, so that is a given.  She says I have to pick something else.

And she is right, it really should be something I really want.  Amy has a goal set of losing 7 more pounds by my birthday in 2 weeks. This is what she is going to treat herself to from Old Navy:

A great pair of pink rubber rain boots

I thought of that too, because I think the boots are cool, but I won’t get a ton of use out of them.  I have always wanted a red purse.  So that is what I am going to buy.  I know what my reward is going to be when I finally reach my goal:

An Apple iPhone

Now, I just have to think about one or two more goals.  I am thinking I am going to reward myself at 1/2 of what I want to lose, which is 33.1 pounds and then again at 50 pounds.  The trouble is, what?  I am a typical mother, I don’t think of things for myself most of the time, I think about what I can get for my kids, lol.

Goal 1: 10% of my starting weight ~ Red purse

Goal 2: 33.1 pounds ~ ??

Goal 3: 50 pounds ~ ??

Final goal: 66.2 pounds and lifetime membership in WW ~ iPhone 4

So, any ideas???


6 responses to “Treating Myself…

  1. Dayum, I shoulda rewarded myself as I lost… lol Have fun! and Amy, those look like my fushia pink rain boots I have! I’ve had lots of comments on rainy days with the kids. :O)

  2. Do you have something you wanted that you never bought?

    That’s how I chose my rewards. Stuff I WANTED but never got because they are classified as “frivoulous.” It could be anything. A DVD boxed set. A particular jewelry. A hand bag. A book. A magazine subscription. Good luck!

  3. I say go with red boots/shoes to go with your new red purse! and then a little black dress to go witht he red boots and the red purse… You will look soo cool in your new sexy outfit playing with your I-Phone at the end!

  4. That’s a nice reward for hitting your goal! I rewarded myself with a new wardrobe, which I also needed as my clothes were all falling off.. lol! Not a good look… 😉

  5. A red purse sounds fantastic!

    I really like the idea of getting snappy shoes to go with it, and a black dress when you get closer to the end goal.

    I’m not sure what your timeline is for these – but a really good Trenchcoat to go over your dress and go with your purse ans shoes would be a great final item….or a really snappy pair of leather gloves that you can wear fall through the end of spring would be a nice accessory touch for the outfit.

    A good power outfit after reaching your weight goal is only going to show off your confidence, self-pride, self-esteem, and over-the-moon happiness at reaching your goal. Plus when WW asks you to be in literature for reaching your goal, you’ll already have your outfit!!

    You are doing an amazing job – when you journey gets to where you are comfortable – I’d love to read a post or a series about your journey and your overall opinion of WW.

  6. Last year when I was losing, I got a new Cricut cartridge for every 10 pounds I lost. Not a very expensive reward if you watch sales online!

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