The beginning of another week…

Well, it’s been an eventful week…not only did our Aaron break his elbow on Wednesday (he’s doing pretty good), but our Andrew had his 7th birthday on Friday.

Amy decorated an AMAZING cake for Andrew.  Andrew is a big Darth Vader fan.  Don’t know why, but he just loves that man in the mask.  So Amy did a Star Wars themed cake:

Andrew finally got the present he’s been waiting for the last 2 years:

Yep, a Nintendo DS Lite

On Saturday, Amy and I went out and shopped for dresses for my company gala on Friday.  Instead of having the ‘Christmas’ party in December, our company has their annual party in February.  It’s great that we don’t have one more thing in the Christmas season to fit into an already busy time, and it gives us something to look forward to in this ho-hum kind of month.  I found a cute black dress at the Sears Outlet store…regularly $70, for $17!!  Amy didn’t find anything for that night, so she decided that she’d wear the same dress as last year.   However, we did find a Nike bathing suit for her for $14…regulary $45.  Not too bad.

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend.  We hung about the house and I started making valentine’s for the kids to give out next Monday.  Just something simple using our Cricut and a few Valentine’s stamps that we have on hand.  I might post them when they’re done.  We have to make about 100 of them…sigh..

I went and weighed in this week too…down 0.2 lbs for this week.  I will take it, a loss is a loss!  I went over my last week and realized I didn’t drink enough water and I indulged in a few too many salty foods (I made homemade Chinese on Saturday).  This week will be better…AND I have a goal of 15 pounds lost by my 41st birthday on March 6th.  Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily has given me extra added incentive to get to my goal!

I will be back with our weekly menu tomorrow.  Have a great week everyone!


3 responses to “The beginning of another week…

  1. Amy you did awesome on that cake!!

    Hope Aaron’s arm is doing better and it looks like Andrew had a wonderful b-day!

    Yay on the weight loss Judi! It all counts, even if it’s 0.2 lbs!

  2. Aww!! Look how happy he is! My daughter LOVES her DS… it’s an extension of her now I think! 😉 lol! And the LEGO games are soo cool! lol!!!

    Congrat’s on the loss!!! I know you’ll hit your goal!

    That Star Wars cake rocks!! I love Star Wars too! It’s the best! haha!!

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