Woke up this morning, checked the school’s website, and found out that they closed all schools in our county.  So all the kids are home, which is kind of nice.  I booked the day off 2 weeks ago due to appointments.  One was cancelled and one is probably going to be cancelled.  

From my window, it doesn’t look all that bad, but then again, I haven’t been outside.  If I hadn’t taken the day off, I probably would have gone into the office.

As usual, everyone is making fun of Toronto and their reaction to storms.  Seriously though, it’s not the citizens, it’s the media with nothing else better to report.  Here’s a funny clip from the Rick Mercer Report that my friend Lee had posted on her FB page:

If you’re staying indoors and not venturing out, have a great day off.  If you have forged out in the blowing cold ‘thundersnow’ (yes, there was actually thunder with this storm), stay warm!!

Going to go and play “Mousetrap” with the kids!!


2 responses to “SNOW DAY!!

  1. Enjoy your snowday. I was watching the GTA news this morning and wishing we could have a storm like that.

    My students and I were discussing mousetrap this morning, coincidentally. A random survey showed that most of them had never actually finished the game. LOL

  2. LOL! Saw this on Lee’s status! So funny!


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