Eventful Snowday

Well, we had a casualty today.  The kids were playing blind man’s bluff upstairs.  Aaron, our 5-year-old, was running away from Austan, jumped up on the bed, Austan grabbed his leg and he fell off the bed.  That was at 2pm.  We brought him downstairs and cuddled him and when he still was complaining at 3:30 and he couldn’t move his arm, I took him to the walk-in.

The Walk-in was empty and the doctor  told us to go to the ER, which was right next door.  Into the urgent care at 4:30, x-rays, and the verdict:  hairline fracture to the elbow.   He got a temporary cast and an appointment for the Fracture Clinic on Friday morning…we were home by 6pm.  Thanks to the hospital for their excellent (and speedy) care!

Here’s my poor boy, who was an absolute trooper at the hospital!

Charlotte is right there beside him...making sure he's ok...my poor baby

He’ll get a more permanent cast on Friday.  Wait until he finds out he won’t be able to go to swimming lessons for at least 4 weeks!


2 responses to “Eventful Snowday

  1. Aww.. poor little guy! 😦 Hope he’s not in too much pain! Glad all went well at the ER for you!

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