Summer dreamin’

Happy Tuesday!  Did everyone manage to stay warm yesterday?  Brrrr, it was cold here in the GTA, my car almost didn’t start yesterday morning.  Thankfully, today is much, much warmer.

I also braved the snow yesterday to go for my week 4 weigh-in.  I am happy to say that I lost another 1.8lbs and for a total of 7.8 pounds!  YAY!  This has been done with not a lot of exercise, so I have to think about that.  My leader challenged us this week to try something new.  I will have to take a look for a class at the Y to attend on the weekend.

With all this cold weather, I have been starting to think about the summer.  Since funds are tight, we aren’t going to our favourite place, Allen’s Landing, this year  (but if you want a great Muskoka cottage, check them out…beautiful, peaceful, great swimming lake for the kids).  We are going to try our hands at camping up in the Sudbury area.  It’s much cheaper than the cottage (we have to rent 2 cottages because there are 9 of us) and it will be a great adventure. 

Why Sudbury?  Ok, here’s the deal, it’s a drawn out story…in the spring our membership to the Toronto Zoo runs out.  We were trying to figure out what family membership we could get next.  We wanted something economical and something we could use for the year.  Two years ago, we got Marineland passes, last year it was the zoo.  This year we chose the Ontario Science Centre.  We couldn’t believe it, but we can get a pass for ALL of us for $155 for the whole year.  That’s 2 adults and all the kids living in the home for $120…you have the option of adding a 3rd adult “cargiver” to the pass for an extra $35.  With it you get free admission, 50% off parking, 50% off IMAX tickets, other discounts, and FREE admission to over 300 science centres worldwide.  That includes Science North, in Sudbury!  So we can go camping and do all that camping stuff and go on an outing for free!  Single day admission to the Science Centre for our family would cost $112.00.  So to make it worthwhile we only have to go twice.  I expect though, that we’ll go more than that.

We’ll go camping for about 4 days, so the rest of the time we’ll have a staycation at do things around our area and maybe drive up to Wasaga Beach for the day.  If we can scrape enough money together, we might even go spend the night with the kids at the Americana in Niagara.  They have a nice little water park there, and it’s half the price of Great Wolf Lodge.

So what are some stay-cation type things that you all like to do, that don’t cost a ton of money?  I would love to hear your ideas!


4 responses to “Summer dreamin’

  1. Yay! Congrats.

    I love the Ontario Science Centre. And the one is Sudbury is great too! Have you taken the kids to the ROM yet? I love it.

  2. That’s awesome! Our Toronto Zoo membership runs out this spring as well and I am trying to think of other things to do with a 2 year old (and newborn) and hubby. Not sure if the Science Centre is doable with a 2 year old (unsure if she is going to understand what’s going on) but definitely will keep that idea in mind for the future.

    I’ve been the Science North and it was alot of fun (I was 10 at the time I think) so I’m sure your family will love it!

    As for staycation ideas – I really want to go to Great Wolf Lodge but that place is super expensive! So maybe just day trips downtown Toronto. LOL

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