Thank God it’s Friday…

I started commuting to Toronto for work in mid-October and since doing so, I find that I anticipate the weekend far more now than I used to when I was working at my old position at our other location.  Part of the reason is that my days are so much longer now.  I am out the door by 5:45am every day and don’t get home until between 4:30 and 5pm.  So that means I am out of the house almost 11 hours day.  At my old position I was out of the house maximum 9 hours.  I also could stay up until 11pm most nights as I didn’t have to get up until 6:30. I find myself struggling to stay awake until 10 most nights.  Those few extra hours a day really make a difference.  I am starting to feel a little isolated from home life and I lot more stressed.   I miss our kids.  I miss hanging out with Amy and Shane. 

What I am trying to say is that the weekends are FAR MORE PRECIOUS to me now.  I find myself waking up on Monday and asking “is it Friday yet”?   I rarely used to do that, now I do it all the time.  I live for the weekend and all it brings.

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the new challenges this new career path is bringing me.  It’s just taking time to get used to the changes at home.  I have way less down time and I am still trying to find that balance. 

This weekend is nothing really big is going on…thankfully.  Shane is going out for poker night on Saturday and Amy and I are spending a quiet night in.  Thinking about what we want to do…probably veg out and watch a movie…any suggestions on a good rental? 

Do you live for your weekends?  Commuters, how do you manage a positive home/work balance?

**Oh, and by the way, I lost another 1.4lbs, bringing my total weight loss in 3 weeks to 6 pounds!  My first goal is 5% of my starting weight, which is 10.5lbs.  I am right on track to get that in another 3 weeks, I think.  My second goal is to be at 15 pounds by my birthday, which is March 6th.  I believe both are attainable.



One response to “Thank God it’s Friday…

  1. congrats on the weightloss! I’ve yet to weigh-in for this week yet. Tomorrow though!

    I live in the burbs but my commute time is about an hour and a half. I’m always tired all the time with school and work. So what I do is try to sleep and/or decompress while on the bus & subway. Put some earplugs on and relax.

    I try to also remember that it’s not quantity but quality time is most important. As for movies… Here’s an oldie but a goodie… Foolproof starring Ryan Reynolds. It’s one of my favourites from him. And it’s a Canadian film too. 🙂

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