First Weigh-In

It went really, really, well.  I am down 3.6 lbs in my first week on the program.  I have created a ticker in the sidebar to track my progress on this journey.

Weight Watchers has recently enhanced and changed up their program.  It is still based on points, however instead of taking Calories, Fat, and Fibre into the equation to find the points value, they have changed it to use Carbohydrates, Fat, Fibre and Protein for the calculation.  I think it’s a far more balanced approach.  Protein is an important nutrient for our bodies, and I think a lot of people stayed away from it on the old system because it was high in point value, I know I did.  Protein makes you feel full longer, which helps the rumblies in your tummy to stay away.  It’s also needed to build muscle…muscle burns more calories than fat. 

Fruit has a 0 point value now, so you can eat more of it without having to sacrifice a point.  There are some old favourites of mine that have increased in point value.  My oatmeal used to be 2 points, now it’s 3.  A 4 oz glass of wine was 2 points, now it’s 4 points (it takes in account the sugars in alcohol, which increases the carb count).

Another thing that is different is that you get more points than before.  It’s a trade-off though, for those foods that have increased in value.  On the old program, I would have got 24 points to start.  On this program I have 30.  I also get 49 extra ‘points plus’ to use or not use as I see fit.  You can use them for the occasional treat…I am going to use some of them this weekend when we take Amy out for her birthday on Saturday.

Overall I am enjoying the program and I am not feeling deprived.  If I really want the ice cream, I will have it, and make sure I track it and use my points.

Three and a half pounds is a great start!  It’s 5% of what I ultimately want to lose, LOL!


8 responses to “First Weigh-In

  1. What a wonderful start to your new year. I am glad you’re liking the new program. It will take a bit getting used to I bet.

  2. Are you doing Weight Watchers Online or in person.
    I considered joining myself but it seems pricey… And since I have a very Asian diet, I’m not sure how one would classify stuff like dim sum and rice noodle. o__o?

    • they have a monthly pass plan…it ends up working out to 11.99 a week plus tax (I think I paid around 57 all together, it’s a full 30 days). With that, you don’t pay the sign up fee ($25) and you get the e-tools on-line for free. There’s also ‘an app for that’…there is an iphone, ipod touch app…blackberry is in the works. Believe it or not, in their eating out guide, they have several Asian foods listed…including dim sum!! I met a lady on Monday who lost 153 pounds in 19 months.

      I weighed the pro’s and con’s to decide if I could spend the money and decided that, for me, it was worth it. I know people who join, get the tools and the knowledge and then stop paying and attending meetings but follow the program. It’s a bit harder without the support, but it can be done. I am one of those people who need the support though.

  3. I’ve only heard good things about WW! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do great with it! Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the info! I’ve actually been thinking of joining WW this year. When I start any program, I tend to have an all or nothing approach which doesn’t last for the long-term. WW seems to be the healthiest, most well-balanced weight loss approach out there – and I think being held accountable at weigh-ins would be extremely helpful.

    Good luck! You’re such a goal-oriented person I know you’ll do great!

    Happy New Year!

  5. My mom loves Weight Watchers and has had much success with it, so I hope you do as well. Good luck!

  6. Congrats on joining WeightWatchers. (Did you know I was a Leader?) I think you’ll love the new PointsPlus program. It’s so much smarter than the old program. I’ve been on it since September. (We service providers got a few months head start on everybody else, so we could speak about it intelligently in meetings!) Even though I am maintaining my weight now, I actually lost a few more pounds with PointsPlus.

    Good luck to you! And congrats on purchasing the Monthly Pass – that’s the best value (smart shopper that you are) and you get free eTools. Enjoy!

    • Yes, I had read that you were a leader. That’s my goal, actually…to get down to goal weight and work for them part-time. I too think the new program is smarter and healthier. My university degree is in Applied Human Nutrition and hands down, nutritionally WW is the most sensible and well rounded program out there. Amy is doing the program along with me, but she’s not going to meetings or paying. I bought an extra calculator for her to track her points (and she’s journalling on paper), so we’re going 2 for the price of 1. I am losing right now at a rate of about 2 lbs a week, but I have decided that any loss, even 0.2 lbs will be something to celebrate. It took me a lot of years to put the weight on, and I am planning that it’s going to take about a year, maybe a year and a half to lose the 66.2 pounds (now 60.2, will be posting a weigh in post later). My long term goal is 50 pounds by Christmas. Right now, I am just focusing on that 5% goal, which is 10.5 lbs.

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