Our Early Christmas Present!

Over the weekend, Amy and I went and picked up one of these babies:

Cricut Expression

 For those of you not up to date on their scrapbooking tools, this is one of the crème de la crème items that you can own.  It’s the Cricut Expression from Provo Crafts.  We got an amazing deal thanks to a wonderful friend.   It is an electronic die-cut machine that allows us to cut out letters, shapes, and do all sorts of cool stuff to add to our scrapbooks.

I have wanted one for ages; Amy wasn’t sold on it…that was until she actually TRIED it out at a friend’s house.  What can I say?  She LOVED the tool and we decided that this would be our Christmas present to each other.   It came with 2 cartridges and we purchased 4 more at a really big discount.

We unpacked it yesterday and tested it out.  Can’t wait to use it more in our scrapping!


2 responses to “Our Early Christmas Present!

  1. I love mine… I haven’t played with it NEARLY enough mind you, but it is sooo awesome! You can get cartridges dirt cheap on Ebay usually.. stay away from Michaels, they are WAY overpriced there! Most cartridges I can get for $20-30 on Ebay! Also Kijiji is a good source to find some! Have fun!! 🙂

  2. oooh. I saw this on the Shopping Network. Ever since I’ve been dying to play with it.

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