Do you use your local library?

Amy and I took a quick trip to the library today.   Our books were due, so we braved the elements (it was really raining here, now it’s snowing), returned them, and got some more.

On our quest for frugality, we decided to stop buying books.  I did cave and buy a couple of books for my train ride this week.  I couldn’t get to the library beforehand and I regret it.  I spent $22 for 2 books!  Atrocious, if you ask me.  The best thing about the library?  IT’S FREE!!!!!

I have also found out recently, that the Toronto Library sells off old books that they want to take out of circulation.  If I recall what my co-worker said, they sell them for cheap, cheap, cheap!   So if you like to own books, that’s  fairly inexpensive options.

I picked up 3 books, due in 3 weeks…James Patterson, Jeffrey Archer, and Stephen King.  That should be enough to tide me over…I like to read on the bus to and from work.  Amy got the Mercedes Lackey book that she’s been wanting to read for forever, plus a few more in that fantasy genre.

So, do you take advantage of all your local library has to offer?


9 responses to “Do you use your local library?

  1. I love the library!! I spent far too much $ in the past on books, some of which I read too quickly or did not enjoy, and it was not worth the $.

    Which Archer book did you get? I love his books.

  2. Yep! Been going to the library every Saturday for over 20 years. I used to volunteer there too for a year or so. :O) LOVE the library. The kids always feel like they’re getting DVDs for free and know if they really like soemthing, we can always borrow it again. We put all the new stuff on hold as soon as it comes in. It’s always listed at the beginning of each month what’s new at the library. So I peruse their ‘new’ listings, put all DVD’s, Wii games, books… on hold, and if I find I’ve put too much on hold, I inactivate stuff till I’m ready for them at a later date. Every Saturday we go in, pick up what’s come in for us (it’s always a surprise what we’ll be watching or reading) and return what is due. We rarely ever get over due fines cause we do it Sat. to Sat. The rare few times we’ve gotten an overdue fine, they’ve been waved cause they’ve known us as patrons for years and years. :O) I’ve never bought a book, RARELY by a DVD (except as a present). It’s all sitting there waiting at the library for free. :O)

    Lin :O)

  3. Did you know that if you have a current library card you go online and read every Toronto Star ever published? I found my birth notice in a 1944 issue!!

  4. It’s through the Brampton Library website

  5. I re-discovered my local library in the spring of 2009 and have been going a few times a week ever since. They now offer free wi-fi so I can check email during lunch and I can also get free e-books and audiobooks!

    I still buy books with my amazon credit (so they end up being free) and then I donate them to the library once I’m finished.

  6. All the time!! I go every week to replenish our book, cd, & dvd stash!! I love it!! 🙂 Saves us a bundle!!

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