Christmas Crafting

We are starting to get excited about Christmas here.  This is nice because last year we weren’t all that into it.  Christmas is my favourite holiday.

Yesterday, Amy and I went and bought a new artificial tree.  We weren’t going to go with artificial…a few years ago we bought the base and stand for a real tree.  With the new house, and the floors being laminate, and having all these kids, we decided it probably wouldn’t be a great idea for a few years.  If the water spills without us knowing, the laminate will buckle and look terrible.   So we found a really nice, 7 ft, pre-lit artificial tree at Rona.  We bought a few more decorations and some bows for our front porch.

I haven’t been able to find a wreath that I like, anywhere.  So (and this is where the crafting comes in) I went to Michael’s and bought everything I would need to make our front door wreaths.  Our outdoor lights are blue and white, so I went with blue and silver decorations and ribbon.  This is how they turned out:

Both Amy and I are itching to decorate now…but it is a touch too early.  I did put the wreaths out on the door.  This week was Diwali, so many people in the neighbourhood have lights up already, so we didn’t think it would look too silly.  I am going to suggest to Shane that we put up the lights before it gets really cold.  We don’t have to turn them on, just have them up and ready to go December 1st.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and you’ve changed your clocks back, if you do that in your neck of the woods!


3 responses to “Christmas Crafting

  1. Oh my gosh. Those are gorgeous!

    On a second note, is this blog no longer private? I didn’t have to log in today. o__o?

    • Yeah, I decided to take it off…I don’t want some crazy bitch decide my life for me, ya know? I have nothing to hide really anyway.

      And thank you! I loved making them. They cost me about $12 each to make which was a lot cheaper than I was finding them in the store, and I didn’t like anything I did find.

  2. We have laminate flooring, too, in our living room and we get a live tree. Tom cut a piece of carpet remnant to act as a pad underneath the tree base to absorb any spilled water. The tree skirt hides the carpet so you can’t even see it.

    I’m looking forward to decorating for Christmas, too. I was just telling Sam that there is only 5 weeks left! I better get busy! I’m so not ready!

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